Christmas #2

Well I didn’t end up getting an Easy Way on our walk but it turns out that the area we are staying in is opened. Dad and I walked all around Darling Harbour and man it was hot. It was like a thousand swords on fire sticking into your back and neck. In saying that though, it was a nice walk. We were walking back to the hotel and I figured out that dad is going deaf. At least parcially anyway. I said ‘picture me being fanned by pirates’ and he thought I said ‘picture me being bent over by pirates’. I mean come on, how do you get that from what I said.
Dad is obsessed with DVDs and you can imagine the first day we got down to Sydney dad brought at least 5- 10 DVDs. Dad put on a movie called Sabotage.  It’s pretty good but I wouldn’t say it’s a movie I’d watch ordinarily. I’m more of a Harry Potter/ fantasy kind of girl not the action/ thriller. However, I do like horror. Of course I’m eating an mango because there is no other way say this then there are my favorite fruit. People keep saying I’ll turn into a mango if I keep eatiing them but you know what, at least I’ll be tasty. All jokes a side, I have a problem and chocolate. Biggest chocoholic.
I shouldn’t have as much chocolate as I do. I had a bllod test to check my insulin levels. Though I don’t know how bad they are, I should be careful as high insulin levels run on mum’s side of the family. I’ll get my results when dad and I get back to Port. So fingers crossed I’m OK, which to be honest I think I am. It’s funny how something so yummy could do some real bad damage to your health…. But that won’t stop me MAWHAHAHA- Distracted again.
So the time here is 4:30pm and thunder has started across the sky. The temperature has definitely cooled down a lot and I can’t help but think this temperature would have been much better instead of the smoldering heat.
I was hoping to run into a few friends I have lost contact with. I somehow knew that I wouldn’t run into them. It’s been 8-9 years now and to be honest, no matter how many times I wish, pray or hope I don’t think I’ll get to see them again…. Well maybe when I’m old I’ll run into them. Anyway whereve my crazy friends are, I hope they had a Merry Christmas. Actually,  every year we come to Sydney I hope I somehow run knto them. Though truthfully, its been so long I have kinda forgotten what they look like. I feel bad but at the same time I wouldn’t blame them if they had forgotten what I looked like.
Having trouble working out a hotel dryer? Just keep pressing random buttons…. And hope you don’t brake it. Well, that’s what dad does but…. Its not working for him. In fact watching it is pretty funny. Whoa ok that was scary, I just looked out the window at the storm and a massive lightening bolt just came crashing down. It was so close to the hotel where we are staying.


So dad got the dryer going…. he read  the instructions. Hey, it’s better then breaking it.
Anywho, I gotta go. My dinner is burning… Whoops. Talk again, night and Merry Christmas xx


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