Today is Christmas. A day where there is nothing to do because everything is closed. I don’t mind it though, I like relaxing with a good book. Just like every year, it’s raining. I mean it’s not a white Christmas but you have to admit Australia’s wet Christmas is pretty good when it’s that timeof year to spend time with your family. There is no escape MAWHAHAHA- Sorry, got a bit carried away there. I love staying in a hotel however, it is mine and dad’s hide away from our family. I’m not sure how this hiding system works but no one from our family has actually tried to spend any Christmas’ with us. Insane right. Let me just clarify something because at the moment it kinda sounds really bad. I love my family. I really really do. I would do anything they asked….. maybe. But in saying that, all my family (mum and dad’s side) live in Sydney where as I live in Port Macquarie which is maybe 6 hours or something away.  I live with my dad and occasionally stay with my mum and her partner. I’m an only child and both sides of my family is huge. I mean I could get lost just standing in a crowd of my huge family. So when I say something like I want to hide from my family, it’s only because I don’t want to lose myself by just standing there… That and well it’s that huge, some members I haven’t even meet. Of course, that never stops them from ringing for Christmas which is how you know if it’s really Christmas….. Or Easter….. or a birthday you forgot. You know if you weren’t one to keep up with the calendars. As a Christmas tradition, dad and I watch Horror movies. Today’s choice is Stephen King’s Red Rose. I love his mind and his books, the way he thinks is amazing. The stories he comes up with. Him and J.K Rowling plus a few other authors are my favorite. Great literature is honestly my idea of peace. That and mangos for breakfast and I’m already having a fantastic Christmas day. There it is, the countless of phone calls from family members. Ben called which was good because I miss him like mad. He is still baving trouble figuring out what to order for my Christmas present. I keep telling him to just get what he thinks I’ll like but apparently he is having trouble with that because he thinks I’ll love everything he’s pick. Actually,  that is true as I love everything he gets me, even if it’s a rubber bouncy ball. I love him that much that it wouldn’t even matter what he got me because I’m getting something from the one I love. Yet he insists to make it perfect which to be perfectly and 100% honest, makes me feel special and love him even more every day. I don’t meanto brag (well maybe a little) but I am so luckyto have him in my life and I believe somewhere out there, there is a guy like that for every girl…. To bad this generation is too caught up in technology and inappropriate clothing and outrageously inappropriate behaviors to even notice. I’m glad I turned out the way I did. Getting side tracked…. As you can tell is my specialty…. Soon it is lunch which I can’t wait, that’s because I have Butter chicken and more mangos. Then maybe dad and I will go for a walk. Though I’m not expecting anything to be open but I have learnt to expect the unexpected. I’ve had to growing up. At least the sun has come out.  Maybe I’ll get one of favorite drinks- easy way. They have these black pearl things that are at the bottom… Ok I’m horrible at explaining but please take my word. Well until later, Cya xx


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