Start of a healthier me

So yesterday was Boxing Day and the plan was to have a look at the sales around Sydney then catch a train to Blacktown to stay with my uncle. But plans never work out do they? Owell. What ended up happening was having a look around at the sales, badly bruising and spraining my wrist, catching a bus to Blacktown as there were track works happening and then finding out that leaving for Port instead of staying at my uncle’s. As much as I was thrilled to find out we were coming home early, I was also disappointed that no one in the family had bothered to tell us until the day off.
Apparently pop was sick and wanted to come home but to be honest I’m not entirely sure that was the case. Though you never tell can you. However,  I put whatever the cause was out of my mind as whatever it was allowed me to come home early plus see Ben. It was amazing to see him. I missed him like a penguin misses her mate when she’s out getting fish….. Or is that the male who does that? I stayed up as long as I could with him when we got home but I fell asleep as it was very late/ early.
Today however, I slept in until 10 which was good considering I didn’t get much sleep in the car. I got up and sat with my cat for a while because let’s face it, I’m a crazy cat lady and I missed him like mad too. You know you are a crazy cat lady when you answer your cat’s meows. Then when Ben finally woke up at about 2 ish, we went to the doctors. I went for my test results but I thought, Hey why not get her to check out my wrist. Thankfully I was right about my wrist being just sprained and it wasn’t anything else though the doc said if the pain still persists after a few weeks then it’ll be wise to have an x-ray for closer inspection.  My test results came back all clear…. Well my insulin levels are a bit high but if I work on it now then I’ll be ok. The doctor said that if I was to continue what I am doing then I with have real bad problems but for now I am ok. She gave me a list of recommended foods and suggested I go on a bit of a diet. Though, she didn’t have to tell me twice. I already know that I eat far too much chocolate.
If my own thoughts weren’t enough I use to have my mum call me fatty boom sticks and just last year I had very cruel people (anonymously of course) say that I was ugly and fat. To be honest, I really don’t care what others think of me, it only really matters what I think of myself. Those who mind, don’t matter, those who matter, don’t mind. However,  I know I have to really consider what I put into my body if I want to stay healthy.  Luckily,  the doctor figured that I was feeling a little lost and confused about how I was going to limit myself from all sorts of temptations so she gave me a sheet of what I can eat unlimited of and the foods I need to limit. Turns out you can eat unlimited fats and proteins. The doctor actually recommended that eating fats help when you want to lose weight.  Where the hell was this information when I was growing up. She also gave me a counting booklet with all the grams in different foods which is good for me because I sometimes like to have a look on the back of the packaging. Another thing she gave me which was helpful (to me anyway) was a bog by a Swedish doctor that has stories from others who are on the same journey as me. Pretty neat I think. The blog is LCHF dietdoctor- she just told me to goggle it.
I do believe my trip to the doctors helped Ben and I decide what we were having for dinner. Considering the doctor recommened that I have lots of carbohydrates, Ben thought of pasta. And I can tell you, it was delicious. I think….. When I have money that is….. That I’m going to have a look at getting a dietitian and maybe even a personal trainer just to help me a long. I mean I am very serious about staying healthy.
Until next time. Night xx


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