The hardest thing about going on any kind of diet for me is chocolate.  Giving up sugar is fine but my biggest weakness….. Chocolate. I mean what girl is immune to the sweet taste of chocolate? Ben and I agreed that the chocolate that’s already in the house (which isn’t much) I can have but once it’s gone, it’s gone. However it doesn’t help when dad brings home chocolate cakes.
Today was not the best day to cut down on chocolate. Dad left to go to the Sunday raffles with nan and pop while Ben was asleep until 2:00  because he had hayfever the last night and couldn’t sleep so I sat with my cat and ate almost a whole box of M&Ms. I can tell you I felt horrible afterwards. Not the ‘I’m going to be sick’ kind of horrible but the ‘crap, I’m not supposed to eat this’ kind of horrible. I’ll just have to try harder to control myself. I might try and have some sugar free gum whenever I feel like chocolate,  it might help.
Dad came home at the same time Ben woke up. Which was good as I was starting to go crazy having deep and meaningful conversations with Crookshanks (yes, I named my cat after Hermione’s cat in Harry Potter). I helped dad put away the shopping which to my disappointment, he had a chocolate cake that pop didn’t want while Ben called up bigpond to fix the internet problem. It’s pretty common for us to have internet problems so you can imagine the surprise when the guy told Ben that’s it’s been down for quiet some time. The longest we’ve actually had problems for has been a day max but 2 or 3 is just bizzare. Though my theroy is the weather got to it. Rain can be a bother sometimes even though I really enjoy it.
For the first time ever I had a bath and then a shower. My thought process was that I’d have a nice relaxing Lavender sented bath with my Rose Quartz Crystal and then a cool (but not too cool as the weather is a tad bit cold) shower to wash away any negative energy,  pain from my wrist and unfortunately the Lavender sent… Or at least dull the smell so Ben didn’t end up with Hayfever again…. from my body. That and it’s just easier to wash my hair in the shower then the bath. I am heavily into herbal medicines and Crystals and things. I have a strong connection to my spiritual side and because of who I am, I have been called a gypsy amongst other things throughout my life. Though I understand that people have their own opinions, views and beliefs that I chose not to listen to them. I know I said it before but I’ll say it again because there are only a few mottos I live by, those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind.
After I was out of the shower,  I made a green tea and went back to bed to watch some anime with Ben. We agreed on Bleach as we are only up to the second season and I haven’t seen it before. Ben has but no matter how many times I ask him what happens, he changes the subject. I mean come on, I can’t help it if I’m so impatient or as I like to call it VIP (very impatient person). During Bleach I decided to pamper myself so Ben cooked dinner which was fabulous and then I went to the bathroom to apply a face mask and use more Lavender oil to massage into my hands and wrists. I really enjoyed taking my time and doing a kind of spa treatment for myself. My adverage day is spent looking after other people either worrying about them, listening to their problems/ drama, organising and planning events and days out or racking my brain tring to things of words of wisdom/ advice for them that it was just nice to think of me for once. Don’t get me wrong I am kind of a mother hen of the group and I love my friends to bits but I have to admit sometimes I do feel like I just don’t want to know any of the dramas or problems and sometimes I don’t want to plan and organize….. So at times where I can think of no one but myself, I lather it up.
Right now I think it’s Bleach time, so until next time, night xx


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