Let’s get serious!

As of today, Monday 29th of December,  there is no chocolate in the house (except for the chocolate cake dad brought home yesterday) and I feel like I can start getting serious about my health. I’m going to share with the blog my progress on fortnightly intervals as I hope that by sharing my progress will help me be modivated to keep going…. Fun reading right. So here is my first update on my healthy me program. Have to admit, I just made up that name to give me something to work on, kind of like a project at school type of thing.

So here goes-
Height: 152 cm -Pretty short huh
Weight: 78.8 kg
BMI: 34
Wasit Measured: At the moment I don’t have a measuring tape so I’ll put this information in when I get one

As pointed out, I’m in pretty bad shape for a 19 year old and with my mum’s added health issues, it’s all the more reason I start to think about my health before it’s way to late. Right now I’m a size 16 in clothes and I would like to be able to fit in a size 14. I’m being realistic though as my body shape is quiet curvey and it is highly doubyful that I could fit into a 14 however there are differnt materials around so it is in fact possible.
My day today was just cleaning and keeping busy because usually I would snack throughout the day on chocolate or chips but today I was determined to start my health me program. Keepimg busy helps me to focus my energy on anything other then eating which is good because whenever I got the urge to snack, I would stop and make some green tea. Ben helped me clean which also kept me on trackand whenever I would complain that I was hungry he would hug me and tell me to drink water. We had a big talk about mine and his health today. He could tell that this is going to be difficult for me somhe proposed that he’ll give up smoking as he knows I don’t like him smoking and I’ll give up chocolate as I know he worries about me. If one us fails, e.g. if I fail, he gets to smoke for a day and viser verse. I personally think this will help me as I look after others before myself and because I love him so damn much, I won’t eat chocolate as I won’t want him to smoke. His good at thinking of things like that.
Well it’s late, until next time, night xx


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