New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve, almost New Year’s. The 1/1/2015. What a year this has been but honestly I’m looking a head to what might and can be and not to what was and what could have been. Every new year’s eve, at 12 o’clock on the dot, I burn a bunch of wishes/ dreams or fears into the wind (or bury the ashes if there is no wind) in an attempt to show the universe that I am not giving up on my wishes/ dreams or that I’m facing my fears by burning them. It’s very relaxing amongst the screaming crowds of carnival goers.
I haven’t made any new year resolutions though itwould be wise to at least make one to start out fresh in the new year.
So here is a few:

1. Get healthy by losing weight
2. Met new people to find like-minded friends
3. Handle finances with care

Yeah that’s possibly it for now. Looking forward to moving a head in life, being happy and being with the guy I love (New Year’s Kiss xx)
Night… I mean morning xx


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