This week I have had many surprises with my study/work and in my personal life. My Diploma has been delayed, I have to wait to hear from head office to see if I can get a casual job at the center I really enjoy volunteering at (it should help that the director and all the educators want me there) and that my mum is getting remarried.
It frustates me about my Diploma because the teachers had a whole year to let me know there was going to be a delay abut they only told me this year. I could have missed so many opportunities. I’m just lucky one of the directors want me to work at their center. I just hope head office agrees with her. By far, the biggest surprise was my mum getting remarried.
She had been engaged with this guy for about two-three years and to be honest, I’m glad she’s found someone. However, I feel that this marriage won’t last. It could be just me but mum doesn’t seem that happy anymore and it seems like he blames her for almost everything. I mean, mum and I don’t have the best relationship due to stuff in the past but we are working on it, though she is my mum and I am connected to her in some way, so I know when she’s not happy. However,  I could be wrong and everything may turn out right. Though, to me, something doesn’t feel right.
Ben and I have talked more about moving and we agreed that some around  May/June will beagood time to move. It just feels l like that would be the right

Anyway, until next time xx


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