What happened?

Ahhhhhhh! What a nuisance of a night this has turned into.
I guess really it starts February last year when dad’s job unfairly sacked him for something that DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN! I know it didn’t happen because I was there on the day it was supposedly meant to have happened. Tonight has turned into a nuisance because o e of dad’s ‘friends’ who was also there and said would back dad up has just now decided to believe rumours and gossip from mindless people who have apperantly nothing better to do. He has just acused dad tonight of again doing something else that one of the rumours were.
I mean this just boils my blood to the point of hitting my pillow and wanting to scream. What happened to being honest about events and believing what you see and knowtobe true instead of listening to mindless gossip? What happened to remaining loyal to a friend, especially if you know that they didn’t do anything? What happened to kindness, justice and fairness? Are equality and trustworthiness a think of the past? When did backstabbing become the new norm for people? I may be young but I would very much like the world to change for the good instead of spiralling down into some dark and twisted thorn.
Seeing my dad go through this betrayal from not only his ‘friends’ but by getting treated unfairly by the job he was at, only confirms to me that humanity has in someway lost humanity….. if that sentence made sense….. and how desperately this world needs a change.
I sometimes have fantasies about living in the 1920’s or in Ancient Rome or Anicent Greece. Alas, I am here worring about my dad and what is to come from this.

Until next time xx


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