So I just weight and measured myself and I can see I’m making progress. I’m happy about it but even I have to admit, I still have much work to do.

Weight: 76 kg
BMI: 32
Waist: 85cm
Bust: 93cm
Hips: 111cm

I am making very slow progess though I did try a Nought Honey Log which is covered in chocolate. I was skeptical about having it because it had 19g of sugar in it but my mum said having one wouldn’t kill me. So I tried it against my better judgment and to be honest,  not having chocolate in a long time has definitely taken away my cravings because I don’t want to eat it. Of course I’ll have one on special occasions but I don’t want it like I use to. Which is good because now that I know what one bar can do, I’ve decided not to have another one for the rest of this year so I can focus on achieving my goals. Hopefully by the end of the year my insulin levels will be better then what they were.

Until next time xx


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