To be honest,  today is the first day I feel lucky about getting a job. I haven’t got my Diploma yet, and it is so frustrating,  but today I had an opportunity to go around to a few different centres for a meet and greet with the directors. I went to a few that I didn’t know existed in Port. In one of the centres I went to,  I recived an application package. That is huge for me considering I haven’t had this much luck since I finished my course last year.
I came home around 12pm and in the time I’ve been home, I have received two phone calls from centres a and a call from the TAFE about my Diploma. So much has happened in one day compared to the whole year last year. I am so excited because today, today I feel like I can look forward to the next stage in my life. This opportunity could also help with me losing weight and getting my insulin right.
Honestly so excited and can’t wait. There are a few things next on the agenda but finally, I now feel like I can start to move forward and tackle new things instead of battling the same battle over and over.

Until next time xx


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