Today is valentine’s day and I am on bed rest. This is why I hate stairs and my ankle for giving out. However,  today has been a good day. Ben and I played games on the wii and even started planning food and costumes for his mum’s birthday.
Her birthday is a murder mystery dinner while Ben and I are dressing up Victorian and before dinner there is going to be casino games and a lot of casino type foods. We looked on pinterest for some ideas and this is kind of what we were thinking:



Plus heaps of other ideas. I’m really excited for this. I seem to be really drawn to themed birthdays. For my 18th I had a formal themed party at a restaurant and even one of my friends adopted the themed party idea by having a masquerade theme. As I didn’t have a 19th party due to drama with so called friends, I have decided to have a themed party this year for my 20th. However,  it will be consisted of just family, Ben (his is apart of me so he naturally goes everywhere with me) and two close friends. I would so much rather not missing out on having a party because of people in my life who cause nothing but drama everywhere they go.
A sort of down side to Ben’s mum having her birthday soon is there will be chocolate and a hell of a lot of sugar, which I have not be eating. I might have to brake it for one night so I’m not being rude by not eating. It wouldn’t kill me for one night.

Anyway, until next time xx


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