Not again :(

Just then I went to the doctor for pain I’ve been having in my stomach…… I’ll start from the start.

About two years ago I had surgery for gallstones. Of course that resulted in getting my gallbladder removed. About a few weeks later, I developed tissue scarring and was told I was not allowed to do anything strenuous for about six months while it heals. That was the best news to me because I got out of sports at school. Though it made me feel a little bad at the same time as we were moving house around that time and I wasn’t allowed to help. I did try of couse, though that just made me end up in more pain. Finally my scarring healed and I honestly thought that was the end of the excruciating pain I was in.

However,  I have just come home from the doctors today as I was in pain were my surgery was two years ago. I went in hopping that it was something else that was easily treatable, though that was wishful thinking. The doctor booked me in for an ultrasound and two different blood tests on two different days. He said he could feel a mass of something in my stomach which he said could be a sist that I’ve developed on my now healed tissue scarring or that when I got my surgery done, a gallstone got left behind.

So on top of my insulin levels being high, I now have to be extra careful of what I eat in case it is a gallstone. I mean I don’t want it to flare up. I’ll know more next Tuesday. On the plus side, I apparently lost 2 more kgs.

Until next time xx


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