Result day

This morning I had an appointment to get my test results back. Before going to the doctor I was nervous because I didn’t know what the outcome would be. So I sit down to hear the news and honestly I was genuinely surprised. The ultrasound came up with nothing. No gallstones, no tissue scarring, nothing. My blood test however showed a slight liver abnormally. I found this a bit strange and slightly worrying as I don’t drink and if I do, I have one or two. Thankfully though, the doctor said it wasn’t too bad and there is a chance that it could fix itself so he said to come back around the middle of May. To me this is a HUGE relief because I don’t lkke needles that much so by him saying that he wants to just keep me under observation right now is like heaven in my ears.
I’m still going to be getting my insulin levels in check as that hasn’t changed but after today I might start doing some research on how I could help the healing process of the liver. This to me is just more motivation to get and stay healthy. I mean I plan on staying around for a long time like my Nana who remarkably is 100. Her secret is laughter…. so she says.

Anyway until next time xx


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