Adventure time!

Yesterday ben and I drove to Newcastle to stay with his sister. The idea was to leave early to get here early….. however that didn’t work. Ben had to go to Tarree first, which was fine, then we missed a turn, took a wrong turn then had to wait for an ambulance. It was quite an adventure. Whwn we got here, His sister, her husband, her cute lil baby, Ben and I had to go shopping to get stuff for the party tomorrow. The shops was a fun place with us as Ben and I got to look after the baby and I turned into a ‘beep’ machine to keep him from crying. I enjoyed it as well I love children. Ben told me if I stopped and he started to cry, I would have to take him. I sware some people though he was ours.
Once we were finished at the shops, we got pizza for dinner. I know it isn’t helping with my diet but I wasn’t really concerned as tomorrow is the party and there will be chocolate and stuff there. Anyway, we got back to the house and his sister put the baby down. Her husband put all the murder mystery sheets together, Ben and his sister were in the kitchen perparing as much as possible for tomorrow and I was getting the menus for the cocktails together. I didn’t write what the cocktails names are coz his sister has better handwriting then me.


His sister went to a lot of effort to get the display for the table ready too.


Last night was very productive. This morning I got to babysit while Ben and his sister tried to finish much of the cooking. Ben and I will be driving to Tarree soon to start cooking a dinner for his mum tonight for her actual birthday before tomorrow’s festivities.

Anyway, until next time xx


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