Forbidden weekend

I am now home after what I’m calling a forbidden weekend. Ben and his sister (mainly his sister) had planned a surprise birthday party for their mum. She had planned a casino theme party plus a murder mystery dinner. It was so much fun and heaps of planning and effort went into it. She had organised for their other sister to come from Canberra for it and even flew their brother over from Perth for it. It was truly a great time.
Their mum enjoyed it as she got to gamble, see her two children its hard to see, dress up for the murder mystery and turns out she was the killer in the murder mystery. The outcome; she and everyone had a great time.



We invent our own cocktails as well as made some old but good ones. By the end of the night, most of us were drunk. Yes, that includes me.
The end result for me: I look at chocolate now and think ‘blurrrrrg’ -not a word but hopefully makes sense. I had a great time but definitely wont be making a habit of getting drunk or binging on ‘bad’ foods. Didn’t make it to my goal weight but I think I might attempt for the middle of March because I think I should give my body some resting time.

Until next time xx


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