Updates No More

Due to beening incredibly busy and rushed, I have forgotten to post my fortnightly update. However,  I have decided that I am not going to post my updates anymore (still record them in a book but not post them) because I am now… I mean starting on the 7th of April… seeing a lady at the doctors to help me along with lossing weight and bringing a balance back to me health. Turns out, some of my recordings could be wrong. Whoops.
I asked my doctor what else I could do to help and he referred me to one of the ladies who specializes in helping people with their weight. Getting a bit of extra help will be good for me and it will help me when it comes to actually measuring myself properly. Plus I don’t know if my scales are the best scales to use. I’m going to take all my previous recodings to show her, this will give me a better idea of how far I was to be accurate.

There has been a few other things that have held me back from posting:

1. My life isn’t that interesting that I would feel the need to blog. However,  that statement is gping to be very wrong once I finally get around to publishing a few poems and books. Believe me, it will happen…. one day… I mean I have a few poems ready,  I just don’t know if it’s the right time for me to publish anything yet.

2. I had a job trial at a preschool. I can tell you, I was over the moon when they called. I now just have to wait to see if they want me as casual. When I went there for the trail, I realized that I use to go to preschool there when I was a wee lil one. I was jumpping for joy at the opportunity.

3. I had a lil bug which caused my throat the swell up. As a result, I had trouble eating. I was pretty staving for three days.

4. I finally had time to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen since I was at TAFE. My goodness, I missed her. We had lunch at the coffee club and made plans to go on a trip to Sydney. Now, we plans things…. and then we usually forget them. So it may not end up happening.

And finally number 5. It was mine and Ben’s one year anniversary. To some people that may not seem like much but for someone like me who never thought they would be in a relationship that long, it’s pretty huge.

Anyway,  until next time xx



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