Small update

So good news, I GOT MY DREAM JOB!! I’m now officially a child care worker. The bad news, we just got evicted from our house today. I mean we have 90 days but it’s still a huge shock. The owner wants to move back in so that means we have to go. On the plus side, no more squeaky bedroom door. The down side, finding a place that allows pets. I am not letting Crookshanks go, I love him too much. It will be hard but I am determined to find a place that can fit the three of us (dad, Ben and me) and allows pets. Today also brought up a talk of me and Ben moving out. We agreed (more I agreed for everyone) that Ben and I will stick around till the middle of next year. I just don’t feel like I won’t to leave dad just yet. I mean he has a lot of stuff at the moment weighing him down and I just want to be able to help him.

Short blog today, just a small update on the situation.

Until next time xx


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