The dream job

Orientation went amazingly. Met so many people and I even found out that two of my friends from TAFE got the job too. I had a few shifts and then I went to the orientation for the other center. I took it because it will be good to pick up extra shifts during the week. I really love working at both centers because it really is my dream job. It is also a stepping stone to becoming a social worker.
We still haven’t found a place to live but we are continuously looking. Something will come up and it will be perfect for us.

Until next time xx


Decision to be made

Today is my orientation for my dream job. I am so excited, I’ve been jumpping up and down all morning. Although, I am also faced with a massive decision… Yesterday another preschool asked me to come in for an interview on Thursday. I said I would because I don’t know if it’s a casual job or a full time job. I have been thinking about it and discussing it with Ben and I have come to the conclusion that I would only consider it if it’s full time. I came to this decision because the place I have the orientation for today, was the preschool I went to. For me, it’s a part of who I am.
As well as this decision, we also looked at a house yesterday. It was so beautiful and perfect for us that I am hoping beyond hope that we get it. Though, just in case I’m ringing up a different agent about another house. We need to apply for everything at the moment because regardless if we like it or not, we need to be out of here in 90 days. Houses that allow pets are hard to come by.

Until next time xx