Hey ☺

So a lot has happened since I wrote my last blog. It feels like forever and well it probably is.
I have been at my amazing job for seven months now and it just keeps getting better. I have recently started a Bachelor of Behavioral Studies course, had my birthday (20 years old now) and the big news…. I’M ENGAGED! That’s right, Ben popped the question a day before my birthday.

I am so excited I don’t even have words. I mean I never thought I’d be engaged and I definitely never thought it’d be the day I turned 20. I have bought so many magazine for inspiration that I sware I have a mini bridal magazine shop. To get away and celebrate just us, we went away to a nice resort out of Port. Gosh, it’s so nice just us. We have also managed to get an idea of what we want at the wedding.

We want a Harry Potter theme. It might sound silly but to us it’s important because if it wasn’t for one of our friends quizzing us on Harry Potter a year ago, we wouldn’t have gone out when we did and we definitely wouldn’t be engaged now. Of course my bestie is over the moon she’s my maid of honor. You can imagine the hens night is already being planned.

Speaking of weddings, my mum is getting remarried. I’m kind of not looking forward to it only because I have to say a speech but other then that I’m happy for her. I mean a 5 year engagement ends at last.

This week however is not helping my weight… I’ve had all kinds of things because of my birthday and the engagement that I know I’m going to feel bad of Tuesday when I see the weightloss lady. She was expecting me to have lost a kg in a week, instead I think I put one on. O well I guess, at least now she knows I’ll definitely have modivation to begin loosing again after I see her. I mean, I need to fit into my wedding dress.

Until next time xx