Breakie Blitz

Yesterday for breakfast, I decided to do something a bit different to my usual cereal or raisin bread. Yes, yesterday I made a smoothie and Cinnamon Toast.

The smoothie I made was a Mango and Orange blend. It was meant to have Pineapple in it but I was such a genius that I forgot to buy the Pineapple in the first place. Oh well, it was still a delicious. Again Ben also enjoyed it.


The toast was a nice touch to the smoothie. However, if I was to make this smoothie again (Which I will most likely do today) I will have to use a less stringy orange. I mean it was a great smoothie but the stingy-ness from the orange was VERY noticeable when drinking.

I wonder how it would have tasted with the Pineapple. Only time will tell I guess…. I mean when I finally get to try it with the Pineapple.

I’ll try to keep you up to date with my odd smoothie chocies or my new creations of food (if ever I make some).

Anyway, until next time xx


Smoothie Time

So this post is a lil late, actually I’ll be posting a couple of posts because this week I have been a bit sick and therefore really slack on posting.

Anyway, a few days ago I made a new smoothie blend. It was meant to be Spinich, Kiwifruit and Banana but because I was making it for both Ben and myself, I opted out on having the Spinich. This is because Ben doesn’t like Spinich. Of course I’m eventually going to try it with the Spinich but for now it was just this one.IMG_20170128_111513_365.jpg

So its not as green as it should be but it still tasted delicious. Plus Ben enjoyed it too so I really can’t complain.

These smoothies are both filling and refreshing. So glad I have decided to go healthy and change my really bad diet around.

Anyway until next time xx

Getting into healthy

Today I tried something new. It’s new for me anyway since all the other times I would just buy one. Not today because I made both myself and Ben a smoothie. *Happy Dance Inserted*

It felt so weird using the blender. I mean I didn’t even know we had one…. well I knew but I didn’t think it was working. I was so confident doing it too, like it was meant for me to be doing it. Ok, that was a lil weird but it did feel really good making my own smoothie for a change.

It was a Strawberry and Banana blend. Which according to Ben, it didn’t go too go. He said he liked it but at the same time it was like they didn’t go together. I have to say, I have no idea what he is talking about as I thought it was delicious. The next ones I’m going to try are Kiwi Fruit, Banana and Spinich (not sure how that one will go but its worth a try right) and then Pinapple, Orange and Mango.


Super keen to be getting into smoothies and different blends of tea. Oh right I forgot to mention, I’m getting into herbs and spice and the properties of tea. Again this probably has something to do with my spiritual side also my grandmother mixing her blends and stuff but it still has me super excited.

If there are some awesome smoothie recipes out there or even juice ideas, feel free to share your favorites or the blends you like :).

Until next time xx


I’m so excited because next week my friend and I will be starting a mixture of dance. We will be doing Contemporary, Zumba and Burlesque. I’m really excited because I haven’t done Contemporary before and I am keen to do Burlesque again.

This on top of my already formed routine of Yoga/ Pilates in the morning will most defiantly help me to achieve my goal and to help me stay healthy. Ben and I would still like to get married this year so I would like to fit and feel comfortable in my wedding dress which is one of my biggest goals.

I have made a slight improvement already by my stomach looking and feeling smaller then it was before. This is motivating me to continue my workouts and helping me to get the mindset to stay and enjoy dancing.

I know this is small but I can’t contain my excitement and this new positive energy around me (which is highly welcomed and much needed, especially from last year). I hope to be posting some more exciting things in the coming weeks as well as any progress I have made on the health front.

Oh, on a side note- Crookshanks is like 99% in my name now. It’s been a long strain but I have finally found a way to get my dad’s ex’s name off the official documentation of Crookshanks.

Anyway, until next time xx


2017 so far

So it is a new year and past challenges are behind me. New adventures an new challenges are ahead and let’s be honest….. not sure whether to be excited or scared for them.

I have already mentioned the living arrangements and how things got under my skin. Honestly, I wish the little things would stop but unfortunately it hasn’t stopped. Even Ben said today we are past the point of saying anything to him because whenever we mention what’s on our mind and if he would please stop those things…. he just doesn’t listen. Though I am not going to bore you with the things that make me angry, instead I’ll most likely be boring you with all the things to look forward to this year.

This year so far (because it has only just started and things could change) has been filled with new determination. Though at work they have dropped me back down to casual and yeah that was kinda a little disappointing, it won’t stop me from applying for all the up coming jobs I know is coming up. I have started doing yoga each and every morning as well as meditating, I have been doing some spiritual healings- which has also helped me as well as the person I’m doing the healing for as it helps me tune into my spiritual being and my higher self and I have been taking care of myself by taking time for myself.

Last year I was kind of in hibernation where I didn’t want to hang out with any of my friends, this year I have been trying to plan things with them and just hang out. The key word there is TRY as sometimes my friends aren’t the most reliable with sticking to plans but I still try because I love them and I want to spend time with them.

Since I have mentioned the living arrangements, I should also mention that Ben and I were thinking of moving to QLD- not with dad- to get a fresh start. However, today brought some good news as Ben may have a chance of work, courtesy of a friend, so we may still end up living here but not in the same house.

This is a result of two reasons:

  1. The neighbor behind us has threatened to hurt my cat.
  2. We want to start a family but we can’t (more we don’t want to) while living with a room mate who is disrespectful to us.

Good news though, Ben and I have started talking about the wedding again. We have kinda decided just to have the ceremony and maybe do something small later with friends but having a reception just seems either too much money and an excuse to have a flashy celebration.

Until next time xx

2016- Summary

Wow…. its been a year since I have written. In that time I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster of things happening. I’ll try my best to sum up last year and the start of this year….

Ok here goes:

The last thing I updated the blog on was September 3rd 2015. 2015 is so long ago. That was the year that I became engaged, moved house with both my fiance and my dad and started my new casual position in my dream job. That was the year that I thought it was great because there was a few challenges but overall it was a good year. I didn’t know what was going to take place in the year to come so naturally I was NOT prepared in the slightest. Emphasis on the ‘NOT’ part.

2016 rolls around and yeah it started of okish. I was about to start my contract work in the center I was in, dad was chatting up a girl (which is a good thing because this one actually seemed nice), I had continued to keep my weight down and things just seemed ok. Of course dad was still having trouble with his work (or lack of) and Ben was either studying or having a hard time finding work so I took the role of making sure everyone was ok.

Things slowly started taking a turn for the worst when the end of March early April came. Dad was on and off going to Sydney for ‘work’. I say work very loosely because he would eventually come back after a week or two because of the place he went to had ended up stuffing him about. That in turn made Ben feel as if we were never going to be alone and never going to do the things couples do. He kept saying how worried he was that no matter what progress we made, I would always want dad to live with us. For a time that was true.

Anyway the situation with dad on the move was putting slight annoyances on Ben and maybe me a lil because I never knew if I could rearrange the house or decorated to make it feel homey also Ben and I had stopped talking about the wedding as we both agreed to wait for things to settle. This was around the time where I started eating unhealthy, not exercising as much (not that I did much exercising) and I even stopped seeing the doctor. I started to get really depressed- having a month of work due to an injury didn’t help with feeling depressed. Even work was starting to effect me in negative ways. Not because I didn’t love what I was doing, but because of the office politics and the constant drama between some of my colleagues. This was the year when Ben and I almost broke up due to a fight…. well it wasn’t a fight but there was deep, DEEP neglect on the relationship- this was mainly my fault due to the fact I felt worthless.

It is here where I should note that my depression like state seemed to intensive after the funeral of my great grandmother. Oh and the fact that I had to pretty much battle with my director to give me time off to actually go to the funeral.

I thought things were going to settle down a bit once dad had announced he was moving to QLD to move in with his now girlfriend and her four daughters.  Unfortunately, there was drama and constant shifting of things right up until he moved in September. This is where you are probably rejoicing for me and Ben thinking we would finally be alone as a couple but you’d be wrong. So very wrong in fact, I wish it didn’t happen. About a week later we got a room mate. Not just a room mate but a friend. Why you ask especially when we wanted nothing more then to be on our own. Well…. realistically we couldn’t be on our own with only me working. We just couldn’t afford it. So we ran through our options and the friends we had/have and we picked the best person for the job. Also because he had expressed interest in moving from his parents place.

What a disaster. Don’t get me wrong, it started out great and we all talked about what the new living arrangement would be and how we were going to maintain the space ie. cleaning and food preparation (Cooking) etc. We all agreed to split the money for rent 3 ways as well as all the bills, he had told us that he was SUPER clean and that he was SUPER healthy. All of this will play a part when I post about the start of this year.

So October rolls on by and yet again I have another funeral to attend. This time my Pop who was the son of my great grandmother. This time I was asked to speak at the funeral and boy that was tough. I could not hold any of my tears in. I tell you I was an absolute mess. Of course this contributed to feeling even more depressed that I just shut down completely. So when things started to tick me off around the house, I made it very clear who and why. Often (all the time) that I’d get ticked off about something it was from our room mate. Little things can build up quick I have found.

To name a few:
1. He never does his dishes. I am a neat freak when it comes to the kitchen (the house in general) and I’ll often do the dishes maybe twice a day. Some people may think that’s a bit too much but when you cook pretty much all the time and you live with boys and the amount of food they eat you’d understand. Usually the 2nd time I do the dishes is before Ben and I go to sleep so everything is clean in the morning….. well yes you’d thing but no. He stays up most of the night, does more cooking, leaves the mess, has breakfast in the morning, leaves his bowel there, has lunch, leaves his mess there….. well you get the idea. All this is AFTER I have cleaned the kitchen and told him to please clean up after himself.

2. The air con is left on. Ok I get it, we live in Australia and the heat makes you want to kill yourself sometimes but really do we need to air con on all night? Like we still have electricity to pay- which by the way has rocketed since he has moved in.

There is a lot more little things but I’ll post them later.

When I had the opportunity to do Burlesque dancing, I took it. I think it was my form of lashing out because of the really revealing clothes the girls got to wear for it. Odd to say that I was lashing out but for anyone who knows me really well, they could see I was not being myself. However, in saying that Burlesque was quite fun and some great exercise so I think I might do it again- who knows. I have to admit Burlesque was the most fun I had all of 2016.

That is my summary for the very poor 2016. I’ll post again soon about the start of this year and the new adventures/ challenges I may be facing as well as how I have been going so far with the current situation.

Until next time xx