I’m so excited because next week my friend and I will be starting a mixture of dance. We will be doing Contemporary, Zumba and Burlesque. I’m really excited because I haven’t done Contemporary before and I am keen to do Burlesque again.

This on top of my already formed routine of Yoga/ Pilates in the morning will most defiantly help me to achieve my goal and to help me stay healthy. Ben and I would still like to get married this year so I would like to fit and feel comfortable in my wedding dress which is one of my biggest goals.

I have made a slight improvement already by my stomach looking and feeling smaller then it was before. This is motivating me to continue my workouts and helping me to get the mindset to stay and enjoy dancing.

I know this is small but I can’t contain my excitement and this new positive energy around me (which is highly welcomed and much needed, especially from last year). I hope to be posting some more exciting things in the coming weeks as well as any progress I have made on the health front.

Oh, on a side note- Crookshanks is like 99% in my name now. It’s been a long strain but I have finally found a way to get my dad’s ex’s name off the official documentation of Crookshanks.

Anyway, until next time xx



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