Getting into healthy

Today I tried something new. It’s new for me anyway since all the other times I would just buy one. Not today because I made both myself and Ben a smoothie. *Happy Dance Inserted*

It felt so weird using the blender. I mean I didn’t even know we had one…. well I knew but I didn’t think it was working. I was so confident doing it too, like it was meant for me to be doing it. Ok, that was a lil weird but it did feel really good making my own smoothie for a change.

It was a Strawberry and Banana blend. Which according to Ben, it didn’t go too go. He said he liked it but at the same time it was like they didn’t go together. I have to say, I have no idea what he is talking about as I thought it was delicious. The next ones I’m going to try are Kiwi Fruit, Banana and Spinich (not sure how that one will go but its worth a try right) and then Pinapple, Orange and Mango.


Super keen to be getting into smoothies and different blends of tea. Oh right I forgot to mention, I’m getting into herbs and spice and the properties of tea. Again this probably has something to do with my spiritual side also my grandmother mixing her blends and stuff but it still has me super excited.

If there are some awesome smoothie recipes out there or even juice ideas, feel free to share your favorites or the blends you like :).

Until next time xx


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