Breakie Blitz

Yesterday for breakfast, I decided to do something a bit different to my usual cereal or raisin bread. Yes, yesterday I made a smoothie and Cinnamon Toast.

The smoothie I made was a Mango and Orange blend. It was meant to have Pineapple in it but I was such a genius that I forgot to buy the Pineapple in the first place. Oh well, it was still a delicious. Again Ben also enjoyed it.


The toast was a nice touch to the smoothie. However, if I was to make this smoothie again (Which I will most likely do today) I will have to use a less stringy orange. I mean it was a great smoothie but the stingy-ness from the orange was VERY noticeable when drinking.

I wonder how it would have tasted with the Pineapple. Only time will tell I guess…. I mean when I finally get to try it with the Pineapple.

I’ll try to keep you up to date with my odd smoothie chocies or my new creations of food (if ever I make some).

Anyway, until next time xx


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