Feeling Good

Second Assessment down and sent. Feeling good about myself and I have lost 2 kgs 🙂 Well my scales say I have anyway but I think they are wrong. Though I would like to believe that I am making progress.

I have work tomorrow. 9-5 shift. So I’m guessing that means that work is picking up, which is good because I was starting to stress slightly. Like not to much but enough for me to break out in stress rash. I know it is probably not what they are called but the doctor has said that they are stress related. Try not to stress about things.

I found a list of things I want to do this year. On it was herbs and teas, of course I haven’t done much of that due to….. well due to nothing really. I just haven’t really been motivated. That was until now however. I mean I have suddenly got a lot more energy and motivation for things. So hopefully soon I can start posting new blends I’ve made 🙂

Random post but wanted to share 🙂

Until next time xx


New Toys

It’s not even lunchtime and already Ben has a new computer. He looks like a little kid on Christmas. Sitting there with his new toys and getting it all set up ready to spend the day playing. It’s kinda cute seeing his eyes light up and seeing the excitement on his face.

When his new compute is all set up and ready to go, I get his old computer. Now I don’t really need a new one because the one I have is just fine…. but I have to admit I am excited to get it because it means that we can play co-op games together. We couldn’t before because my computer couldn’t run a lot of games. Mostly it is just good for doing my assignments and maybe going on YouTube.

Today though has made it easier for me to drag Ben shopping with me tomorrow. I’ll be able to just casually look at shops and not worry about him complaining because he would have a shiny new toy to come home to.

Short post at the moment. Possibly do another one soon 🙂

Until next time xx

Girls Day

Super fun filled day catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in 2 years. But before that, I sent off my first assignment (done within a week) and read one of my favorite books. Yeah, this morning was pretty relaxing. Then I had an amazing catch up lunch with my friend.

We literally talked all day about this and that. One day (hopefully in the near future) I’ll be starting my spiritual business and we talked about that. She even wants to come on board and help which is great because then I’ll be offer more things like she has started making her own tarot cards. I suggested that we could sell them. Then from there we did a lot of brainstorming.

It was good seeing her again and seeing how she has been holding up with her depression and health. We had even talked about well being strategies she could try. I understand what she is going through, I’ve been there too. I mean I haven’t been to the extend that she has gone through but I understand.

She stayed for dinner- which I cooked, not exactly the high quality stuff of a restaurant- and watched an episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. She absolutely loved it. In all, today was a great day.

Anyway, until next time xx

What A Week!

I haven’t been posting this week because of how hectic it has been. I mean I have been run off my feet, in a good way of course.

On Monday, I had actually got my first day at work. It was so exciting that I jumped out of bed as soon as I got the call. Within possibly two minutes, I had gotten Ben to take me. It was amazing to be back. All the kids were excited to see me and couldn’t wait to tell me about the class and how things were done (even though I knew it was great to see their excited faces). I didn’t realized I missed work until Monday.

Tuesday I spent the day studying. My gosh I almost completed my first theory assignment. Though I had to stop because my eyes started going funny by the end of the day. I think I may have missed some stuff in the reading material because of my eyes. I mean could you really blame my eyes for missing stuff when they have been working hard since 6 in the morning.

I got the call again yesterday for work. Boy, was yesterday a busy day. As soon as I got to work I was flat out. One minute I was in one room on one end of the center, the next I was at the other end and all the rooms in between. In a way it was good because I could get to see all the kids from last year and even met some new ones. Not to mention met the new staff members. However, it meant that I was on my feet all day. Then at 2:30 my director gives me an early mark. I was not expecting that but it was nice to finish early even though I was expecting to stay till 4:30.

I didn’t have a lift home so I walked. Which was OK because it wasn’t too hot and I had adrenaline running through me that I didn’t even feel my feet ache. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized my feet felt as if they were about to drop off. Of course I couldn’t stop. I had to get ready for Zumba. Yes, yesterday felt good because it was full of exercise and I felt like I was making some sort of progress.

Today may only be Thursday but it has already been both busy and amazing at the same time. I had work again today and much like yesterday I was in one room and in the next. We did lots of running with the kids. We were teaching them jogging or at least the idea of jogging. It was good fun to join in and have races. Of course the kids won against me, partly because I let them and partly because kids have WAY more energy then me. Hopefully when I get more healthier I’ll have more energy and be able to have more running races with them.

Anyway, until next time xx


I haven’t posted in days….. which given my track record of posts is a lot better.

So I have start off by saying that I am OFFICIALLY in my Nutrition course. Super exciting and making me extremely happy and energetic at the moment. I mean I am even up to question 7 of my first assignment- yeah I know that isn’t very many done but considering I officially started yesterday and I have reading for days, that is a solid effort.

Another thing that has happened in the really short time that it has taken for me to post is that my pop has had a roller-coaster of  things happen to him. He has been down then up then down again in his health and the worst part is I don’t know what to do to help. I feel useless sometimes.

Anyway, until next time xx

Excitement Plus

Yesterday I didn’t get time to post because it was so hectic. It was a super exciting day but it was crazy.

To start off with, I cleaned out and organised the kitchen cupboards. Then I made a fruit salad (which was really good because we usually don’t have much fruit in the house for some odd reason). That wasn’t SUPER exciting but it did start my day off a happy one. Next up was some dancing and some yoga. I pushed back the yoga yesterday because I wasn’t feeling too well when I woke up but luckily it didn’t last too long.

Next I finally heard back from work. Ok it wasn’t like a message about going back, it was a message about what days I’m available because you know they put me back to casual. Hey, it something and I’m really happy about it because it means that they might be needing me soon. Casual sucks sometimes.

Another exciting thing about yesterday, and this is really exciting for me, is that I am now (partially at least) enrolled to do a nutrition course at TAFE. I’m super keen to get started with that. It will not only help me but other people too and I’m so happy. I can’t stop telling Ben how excited I am, I think he may be getting a lil fed up with me.

Also, last night was my third week at Zumba. It was amazing as ever, plus I think I’m getting more of a grasp on it. I felt myself do more of the movements last night and my arms and legs have been a lil sore this morning. I’m taking that as a good sign though because it means I did more of a workout.

Until next time xx

Lots of Red

Today is Valentines Day. So Happy Valentines to everyone, I hope you had a fantastic day. Weather you are single and ready to mingle or in a loving relationship, you are all perfect and deserve love ❤

Today was very relaxing for me. I had the house to myself (Ben had to do a work induction thingy) so I cleaned the house (some may think that is not relaxing but it is to me), had a bath and ate a nice big fruit salad. It was heaven. Though it would have been even better if Ben was there.

At about 3:00, Ben came home. He was holding a rose and a red bag. Such a shock considering I didn’t think he was going to do anything (partly because I told him not to) and then we sat down to eat some strawberries together.

20170214_161649.jpg The red bag had some chocolates, chopsticks and two rose candle holders. All of it was beautiful.

To end tonight, Ben cooked me some enchiladas and we watched some anime together. It was a perfect day and I wouldn’t change anything about it ❤

Until next time xx