Dancing Circles

Ok wow, what an incredible night. My friend and I went to our first Zumba class and my gosh does the instructor like to give you a workout. Well actually, the Zumba instructor is also the Burlesque instructor and damn she is fine. I say that as one woman appreciating another woman’s body plus she is my goal. Well not her, but her body is. I mean ideal wedding dress body plus pretty sure if I was in shape and looked like that, I’d feel sexy as hell.

Anyway, I digress. Zumba was amazing fun. Luckily, I had spoken to her beforehand and asked what to bring otherwise my friend…. and me…. would either have both fainted from intense workout or wore extremely non appropriate clothing that would have turned see through to the point of non existed. Hey, I don’t usually workout that hard core so not really knowing the appropriate attire is pretty much my thing.

Between Yoga/Pilates in the morning and Zumba this afternoon, has made my legs completely jelly and in a lazy coma state. However I feel, I still manged to ask the instructor when she was planning to hold the next Burlesque class. Turns out she is holding a mini Valentines Day workshop (Burlesque workshop thingy) and then after that do a full six week Burlesque block. Which you know, is totally awesome sauce. I think I may have even converted my friend into giving Burlesque a try *Evil laugh and tapping of fingers inserted*.

When Zumba finished for the night, my friend had her boyfriend pick us up and he took me home. Of course I didn’t have a big night planned when I got home, you know, knowing that after a big dancing workout would tire me out, I didn’t expect much. Though I was massively surprised when I walked through the door. Ben had been cooking up a storm and had a bath all ready for me. The dinner he mad was curried sausages and was absolutely amazing. He is amazing.


Zumba, we (meaning I will because I can’t speak for my friend…. though I think she will) be back and more incredible fun shall be had. Amazing night and amazing people.

Until next time xx

P.S- You are all beautiful and shine brightly. Be bold, Be beautiful, Be YOU ❤


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