Not a great start…..

It’s afternoon/ early night where I am and I have had lots of things dumped on me emotionally from the moment I woke up. So I’ll start at the beginning….

Wake up to Ben telling our roommate off about the air con (apparently it was let on…. again) and how he needs to start doing his dishes (because as usual, he just stacked all his crap on and around the sink). So that was fun-not. Next Ben comes in and asks me to be a total nutcase to him about it because he felt he wasn’t listening to him. Ok, to be fair the dishes were annoying me to the point of giving up on wanting to do ANY cleaning and the air con thing was worrying me for our electricity but I was trying to stay calm through it all.

However in being calm and collected nothing was being done. Now, Ben knows I can be a MASSIVE bombshell (as is any woman’s right) about absolutely anything especially if it has been getting under my skin so when I prepared him for the worst, he literally stood 10 feet away from me while we both (thank goodness) went out to speak to our roommate. Well… I think I teared him a new one and the whole time he was trying to blame us and say that he was NOT doing all these things. He soon stopped all of that when I quoted word from word about conversations we have had months ago. Pandora’s box had been opened and I hadn’t even had breakfast yet. Funny thing is- I was holding back my venom and I think I still made him cringe a lil. Oppps.

Finally, that was over and I could start getting ready for the day. I called Nan in the hopes of organizing lunch with her. Instead my Pop answered and my gosh he sounded horrible. My Pop (may have mentioned previously, not sure) is very sick and everyone in the family is on eggshells waiting for the dreaded day. Of course getting off the phone to him while he sounds like he is one step closer to deaths door put me in a dizzy of panic and worry.

Ben had to calm me down so I could have a shower, feel a bit better and organize the day. So I did. Thank goodness for Ben because I was NOT copping. I know it seems silly to worry but even the doctors said it could be any day. Staying positive for him though. After my shower I was collected enough to call Nan again. We organizes lunch and some grocery shopping for her. We get down town to see her and tell her about everything and even talking about what little Ben and I have planned for the wedding. This was when she mentioned that my cousin is getting married, another cousin having another baby, my uncle is not having his medication like he should and all Pop wants to do in his days is sleep.

  1. That’s great my cousin is finally marrying the girl he has been with for seven years
  2. Again great my cousin got his girlfriend pregnant again. Though I worry about him as he doesn’t seem like kids (even his own) is his thing
  3. Absolutely frightened at the fact my uncle is not having his medication. It frightens me as he tends to get angry and at times violent when he isn’t having it plus this is the man who is my Pop’s carer. So yeah, little scared
  4. It concerns me (and Nan) that all Pop wants to do is sleep. The doctors told Nan that when that starts to happen, he won’t have much longer. Lets hop they are wrong

A lot of emotional stuff today. Craving chocolate but not giving in….. yet.

Until next time xx


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