Escape Room

As you guessed it…. I fell asleep on Friday after dancing. Hence why no post. Then of course other stuff happened which lead me in Newcastle which is why I haven’t been able to post how amazing dancing was until now.

So to start, dancing was awesome. I both learnt and received my first lap dance.Now you have to remember that this was a Valentines Day workshop and an all girls class….. naturally we had to practice with each other. Well it started off that we could just seduce a chair. As crazy as that sounds. Then it got to a part where we really had no choice but to practice on each other. Luckily, I had my friend with me otherwise we would have had to practice on random people.


In short though, Friday night was absolutely amazing.

On Saturday morning, Ben and I ended up going to Newcastle for his brother’s birthday. For his birthday celebration thing, the family went to an escape room. I had no idea what it was therefore I was expecting some kind of cell or something like that in which we had to escape. It wasn’t anything like that. It was more of a room (quite a large room) set up to look like a laboratory. The goal was to find keys and codes using clues in the room to eventually make your escape. Oh and we were on a time limit of 50 minutes. To some that seems like a lots of time but when you need to think about where keys and codes are, its not as much time as you think.

We did it though. We worked as a team and found the final code that lead to our freedom. Not that we were in any real danger. The place were we went had three of these rooms that you could choose from. Each one had a different difficulty- we did the easiest one because of two reasons. 1. We didn’t know what to expect and 2. the guy running it suggested we do the easiest because we only had six people.

Later that night, we went to the pub for dinner. The pub had karaoke on that night so that’s what we did after our dinner. To be honest, I don’t like pubs. I mean, I like to maybe have a drink there if I’m hot or have a cheap meal but I don’t like them other then a quick visit. So you can imagine that I definitely didn’t like to stay there until midnight.

To be fair though, I was enjoying myself with Ben and his family…… that was until I had beer split on me from drunk old ladies. That quickly made me realize why I don’t like pubs or clubs for that matter. Drunk people. Especially when the old drunk ladies were trying to hit on Ben. That just furthered my annoyance but I kept my cool and continued to watch Ben and his siblings do karaoke. Away from everyone mind you.

So then today. It was a great weekend and I loved spending time with his (soon to be mine too) family and also help out with his two amazing lil nephews but the heat today was absolutely horrible. I mean the heat is like you are in a volcano. We drove home today and the whole trip  we were just super excited to actually get home inside and have a cold shower. So when we finally pulled up and got out of the car our excitement grew. We went to open the gate…… to find out that our roommate had pad locked us out. Yeah, actually pad locked us out.

He knew we were coming home today because before we left we spoke to him about it and had even left a note the morning we left. We knew he was home so we rang to house phone to get him to open it-no answer. We rang his mobile-no answer. Ben climbed the wall to get him to opened the gate which of course he almost broke his leg in the process. Once he finally came out he acted as if he didn’t know we were coming home. The heat may (did) get to me because I snapped and went of at him and then went on a rant about how he did know.

Anyway, we are home now and cooled off enough to act civil again- by that I mean me. Other then today though it has been an amazing couple of days.

Until next time xx


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