New Tune

A couple of days ago I received three beautiful scarfs and a nice coat thing. When I received them I couldn’t help but think ‘I am going to change my style’. This is partly because I am/ trying to lose weight and partly because I feel as if I have out grown the clothes that I have now.

With this in mind I am going to start actually taking pride in what I wear and what I look like. In saying that though, I am not one to care what others think of me or what I look like but rather how I feel. If I feel beautiful then I am going to wear a nice dress and do my hair. If I feel like I want a lazy day then I’ll most likely just wear a singlet and shorts (or trackies in the winter).

This is my new mindset on my well being and mental health. I believe (though I could be wrong… not entirely sure if Ben would agree) that this mindset has made me feel heaps happier within myself and has helped me to act a little kinder to myself.

Random post but I felt it was important.

Until next time xx


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