Pretty Lucky!

This is just a random post about the weather. Rather how crazy the weather has been over the last couple of days…. especially tonight.

So we I live, the heat is incredibly terrible. I mean its like a volcano. The days have been getting worse too to the point that today we have had the worse weather warning for fires. I mean today was really bad so it makes sense that some of the electricity companies were going to turn of the power to some places today for an hour or something just to reduce the chance of fire.

However, that didn’t happen because the wind started to pick up. Pick up it did with gusts of winding knocking trees down and everything. I mean there are places near us that are actually on fire and the wind is a welcomed thing to help stop the fires….or make them worse but lets hope that they make them better… but now there is the added problem of the winds being so strong that trees have been knocked down on power lines and houses. Pretty sure that my household is really lucky to still have power up and running.

Its pretty crazy here at the moment. Most of the houses where I live have no power and probably won’t have power tomorrow either. There is too much damage in the area to be fixed in one night. Well it might not even get fixed tonight if the wind stays the way it is and my goodness it does not seem to want to give up. Not only that but the warnings are still in place for tomorrow too unless of course we get rain. Rain is more then welcomed right now.

Until next time xx


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