Lots of Red

Today is Valentines Day. So Happy Valentines to everyone, I hope you had a fantastic day. Weather you are single and ready to mingle or in a loving relationship, you are all perfect and deserve love ❤

Today was very relaxing for me. I had the house to myself (Ben had to do a work induction thingy) so I cleaned the house (some may think that is not relaxing but it is to me), had a bath and ate a nice big fruit salad. It was heaven. Though it would have been even better if Ben was there.

At about 3:00, Ben came home. He was holding a rose and a red bag. Such a shock considering I didn’t think he was going to do anything (partly because I told him not to) and then we sat down to eat some strawberries together.

20170214_161649.jpg The red bag had some chocolates, chopsticks and two rose candle holders. All of it was beautiful.

To end tonight, Ben cooked me some enchiladas and we watched some anime together. It was a perfect day and I wouldn’t change anything about it ❤

Until next time xx


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