Excitement Plus

Yesterday I didn’t get time to post because it was so hectic. It was a super exciting day but it was crazy.

To start off with, I cleaned out and organised the kitchen cupboards. Then I made a fruit salad (which was really good because we usually don’t have much fruit in the house for some odd reason). That wasn’t SUPER exciting but it did start my day off a happy one. Next up was some dancing and some yoga. I pushed back the yoga yesterday because I wasn’t feeling too well when I woke up but luckily it didn’t last too long.

Next I finally heard back from work. Ok it wasn’t like a message about going back, it was a message about what days I’m available because you know they put me back to casual. Hey, it something and I’m really happy about it because it means that they might be needing me soon. Casual sucks sometimes.

Another exciting thing about yesterday, and this is really exciting for me, is that I am now (partially at least) enrolled to do a nutrition course at TAFE. I’m super keen to get started with that. It will not only help me but other people too and I’m so happy. I can’t stop telling Ben how excited I am, I think he may be getting a lil fed up with me.

Also, last night was my third week at Zumba. It was amazing as ever, plus I think I’m getting more of a grasp on it. I felt myself do more of the movements last night and my arms and legs have been a lil sore this morning. I’m taking that as a good sign though because it means I did more of a workout.

Until next time xx


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