What A Week!

I haven’t been posting this week because of how hectic it has been. I mean I have been run off my feet, in a good way of course.

On Monday, I had actually got my first day at work. It was so exciting that I jumped out of bed as soon as I got the call. Within possibly two minutes, I had gotten Ben to take me. It was amazing to be back. All the kids were excited to see me and couldn’t wait to tell me about the class and how things were done (even though I knew it was great to see their excited faces). I didn’t realized I missed work until Monday.

Tuesday I spent the day studying. My gosh I almost completed my first theory assignment. Though I had to stop because my eyes started going funny by the end of the day. I think I may have missed some stuff in the reading material because of my eyes. I mean could you really blame my eyes for missing stuff when they have been working hard since 6 in the morning.

I got the call again yesterday for work. Boy, was yesterday a busy day. As soon as I got to work I was flat out. One minute I was in one room on one end of the center, the next I was at the other end and all the rooms in between. In a way it was good because I could get to see all the kids from last year and even met some new ones. Not to mention met the new staff members. However, it meant that I was on my feet all day. Then at 2:30 my director gives me an early mark. I was not expecting that but it was nice to finish early even though I was expecting to stay till 4:30.

I didn’t have a lift home so I walked. Which was OK because it wasn’t too hot and I had adrenaline running through me that I didn’t even feel my feet ache. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized my feet felt as if they were about to drop off. Of course I couldn’t stop. I had to get ready for Zumba. Yes, yesterday felt good because it was full of exercise and I felt like I was making some sort of progress.

Today may only be Thursday but it has already been both busy and amazing at the same time. I had work again today and much like yesterday I was in one room and in the next. We did lots of running with the kids. We were teaching them jogging or at least the idea of jogging. It was good fun to join in and have races. Of course the kids won against me, partly because I let them and partly because kids have WAY more energy then me. Hopefully when I get more healthier I’ll have more energy and be able to have more running races with them.

Anyway, until next time xx


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