New Toys

It’s not even lunchtime and already Ben has a new computer. He looks like a little kid on Christmas. Sitting there with his new toys and getting it all set up ready to spend the day playing. It’s kinda cute seeing his eyes light up and seeing the excitement on his face.

When his new compute is all set up and ready to go, I get his old computer. Now I don’t really need a new one because the one I have is just fine…. but I have to admit I am excited to get it because it means that we can play co-op games together. We couldn’t before because my computer couldn’t run a lot of games. Mostly it is just good for doing my assignments and maybe going on YouTube.

Today though has made it easier for me to drag Ben shopping with me tomorrow. I’ll be able to just casually look at shops and not worry about him complaining because he would have a shiny new toy to come home to.

Short post at the moment. Possibly do another one soon 🙂

Until next time xx


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