Different Dance Moves

Tonight at Zumba was a bit different. We had a different instructor because the other girl had family business to attend. Wow was the whole night different.

The instructor tonight had different dance moves and different songs. Golly gosh it was hard to learn the new steps. Somehow though my friend and I managed. I noticed that the normal instructor seems to focus more on the core where as tonight’s lady tend to focus more on the legs and bottom area. I didn’t mind though, it just means more exercise is being done.

Once home I made chicken tacos. I wasn’t planning on cooking but I got home and nothing had been planned for dinner, I just though why not. Actually I have been thinking a lot about cooking and experimenting with food. A while ago I entertained the thought that I was a pretty good baker. In fact I use to bake choc chip cookies and muffins everyday….. not the healthiest thing to e baking when most of it has to do with chocolate. Hence why I stopped. Though, lately I have been thinking about food to take to work, to have for lunch when I’m at home studying or just when I have kids of my own, what kind of food I would give them.

I tend to do a lot of random thinking. Sometimes what I’m thinking about has really nothing to do with what I’m doing. Well, you can probably guess with the random posts I write.

Until next time xx

(Or until the next random thought or event 😛 )


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