*Happy Dance Inserted*

Ahhh so happy 🙂 I have completed yet another assessment. So keen to have it done, I feel like I’m doing a lot of work (even though I’m probably not) and I just seem to be getting it done. I give myself plenty of time too complete them too but I seem to get them finished well before the due that I’ve given myself. I say the date I gave myself because it’s an online flexible course, so it doesn’t interrupt if I do get called in for work.

Speaking of work, I have it again tomorrow. I feel weird saying I have work AGAIN when everyone works everyday. I’m just in the background chilling just waiting for the next time I go to work. I mean it’s not all bad, I do get to do a lot more study on the days I’m at home.

I have Zumba tonight, which I’m keen for. I mean it is probably the thing I look forward to in the week. The instructor was a bit tricky last week at Zumba. My friend and I were really confident that we knew all the moves to the dances and that last week happened. The instructor decided to play a few new songs which of course had their own dances. Ahhh it was horrible, but funny too. Fumbling around like we were in the dark.

Anyway until next time xx


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