One With Nature

Today has been a bit different. Different to my normal Saturdays anyway.

So three days ago (Wednesday) before I went to Zumba, Ben came home from a busy day volunteering with an amazing gift for me. A years pass to my favorite nature board walk. I was so excited that I made plans to go today.

Instead of my usual study, we went shopping (mainly just looking around), got lunch and went on the fabulously amazing walk. I was so happy that I swear I could smell the freshness in the air when we pulled up.

The board walk is in this huge rain forest. Everything looked fresh and new. I was mesmerized. Though there was a lot of fallen tress and breaches from the recent heavy winds, it didn’t take away with how amazing it was.

It was simply beautiful there and diffidently going again hopefully during the week. I even what to have my weeding here. I mean there is a really beautiful part that is specifically for bush churches, meditation classes and for schools to learn about nature. It is absolutely perfect to have a wedding ceremony there. Plus, think about how amazing the photos would be.

I am so happy that I just can’t contain myself. I have even started to write again today.Another hobby I like doing yet lately haven’t been doing it. I have completed 5 chapters in the last two years and then I just stopped. I re read the chapters that I already had in order to pick up where I left off and I had to laugh. The memories of writing them came flooding back and I even remember how I was feeling when I wrote them. Both good and bad times when writing those chapters.

Anyway, until next time xx


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