Games Night And Pizza

Tonight Ben and I had invited over two of our friends (The girl I go to Zumba with and her boyfriend) to play some board games.Instead only she came over. We talked for a bit before playing any games. Apparently, they’d been having issues because he wasn’t treating her fairly. Nothing violent or anything, just everything is very one-sided.

As she was talking, she was crying. Slow, silent tears but I could tell. I also knew she didn’t want to bring attention to that fact so I picked a board game. Well, more of a card game. Its called Gloom and the idea is to make every character on your team unhappy and all the characters on the other teams happy. Confusing concept but heaps fun. I thought it was a good idea to start with that game because she could focus on making other unhappy. I think it worked because she ended up winning. Which was good because by the end of the game she was smiling again and laughing.

After Gloom, we played a pirate game. Also a good choice as it was quick, easy and another great distraction. Ben ended winning that game, mainly because the way he likes to play is to steal rum from everyone. In  the game, rum is quite a lot of points if you have the right rum. By the end of the game we were getting a bit hungry. Not sure of what to have, we walked to the pizza place that has opened up down the road from where Ben and I live.

My friend and I watched a show called Riverdale while we ate. Riverdale (if you don’t know) is a mystery show. Kind of like a ‘Who murdered him’ show. Its quite interesting.
I just hope my friend and her boyfriend can sort out what is happening.

Anyway, until next time xx


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