Tonight’s menu

I’ve started a new thing, having a green tea in the mornings. Green tea helps burn fat so that should help a lot with my exercises. I have also started doing yoga at night as well as my morning routine. The idea behind that is that it will put me in a relaxing state of mind for sleep.

For my blog I am going to try do a ‘Tonight’s menu’ thing. This is more for me as it will help me see the healthy things I have for dinner and keep me on track- I have really bad days where all I want is a Big Mac. Though some of the healthy food I put up might inspire you for what to have on your menu.

Win- win I guess (hope). Ben cooked tonight. We had beef rissoles and potatoes which were absolutely fabulous. Cooked to perfection. Though I have to admit, I can’t eat meat with out tomato sauce. I mean I can but I don’t really enjoy so I prefer not to.


Paired with water and some lemonade- OK well I had mostly lemonade but when that ran out I had water- it was n amazing dinner. Happy feelings all around 🙂

Until next time xx


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