Body Image 2.0

Last night I went on a big thing about body image. Partly because of what happened to me growing up, what I see from other people and because I still am a bigger girl. Don’t get me wrong I love who I am however with how many health risks run in the family, it’s a lot safer to be both fit and healthy. Though I still am subjected to people bullying me, body shaming me and sometimes I become my own nightmare.

Lets continue-

Social media:

Kind of get a chill or the urge to eye roll at the mention of social media. The reason is because it is a breeding ground for body image. Fashion magazine telling us what to wear, how to wear it and what size to be to obtain the picture perfect body. Having T.V shows with the girls with the hourglass figure and guys with a muscle toned body.

It is all around us. It has become easier for people- sometimes people you don’t even know- to see a picture of you and judge you. That judgement can stay with you. Not saying it will always stay with you but sometimes it does and it can effect your adult life.

Its easier for people to judge and  criticize anonymously too. This happened to me on an app called ‘’. You can ask questions or post random thoughts or whatever to a certain person. You can do this either by letting the person know who you are or anonymously. Well, I had about 3 maybe 6 different anonymous people saying I was fat, ugly, that my dresses didn’t suit me etc. I admit, I was caught off guard. Who would write such horrible things. Then it hit me, I shouldn’t have that in my life. I shouldn’t have to worry what others think about my body or the way I dress because despite what they say I am happy.

Social media- often times good- can either make you feel good about yourself by connecting with friends and seeing the latest fashion or whatever but it can also make you feel worse about yourself seeing the ‘ideal’ body shape or what food you should and shouldn’t eat.

Not to mention the air brush you see in magazines, instagram pictures or even snapchat can give the illusion that some looks better then you. Again with the comparing. The air brush look makes a lot of girls, guys, men and women the feeling that they are lacking good looks and attractiveness because they don’t look like the size 0, air brushed model or their friend who has used way to many Photoshop tools to adjust the picture. This information is what is shaping the way young children think about themselves. They see this stuff and thing its normal for people to look like that. Then they see their sisters or brothers or their friend’s sisters or brothers reacting to this or that surrounded around body image.

Help someone if you suspect they are going through their own body image shame. Even just give a random compliment about their body…… no wait, I mean do that but not in a creepy way. I mean just say they look nice or something. Please, please, please don’t take that the wrong way. Be kinder to yourself because you are beautiful too.

Anyway, until next time xx



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