Clean Environment, Happy Mind

I’m getting ready for my First Aid next week but while I am doing that, I’m also cleaning. I mean heavy cleaning.

The bedroom, the bathroom- EVERYTHING! I find that when my surrounding environment is cleaning and de-cluttered then so is my mind. I did some heavy cleaning today and boy I felt great. My hair kept doing this amazing thing when it fell and I just felt taller. Not only that, but I went to Subway for lunch with my nan and cousin and the guy serving us full on flirted with me. That was a major confident boost, I’ll tell you.

I have self esteem issues sometimes. I mean I am only human and I’m a girl so it’s bound to happy sometimes. Due to having this issues at times, I worry that Ben will leave me. Ok, I know that’s dumb but it’s a thought that pops up every now and then. So to be flirted with is a major confidence booster.

Now I want to let everyone know that I LOVE BEN! I will never do anything to hurt him or anything like that. I was just pointing out how nice it is sometimes that other people also notice your beauty too.

I honestly believe that today was a really good day because I had done some cleaning. A clean environment = happy mind 🙂 Well, it does for me anyway.

Till next time xx


April Adventures Continued

When I left off I mentioned that I was making friends. In addition to spending time with friends, Sundays I have now being going to the club. Yes, I’ve started going to the raffles with my nan and pop. It’s been really good to have a day where I am with them because I can see how pop is and if he is having a good or bad day.


Of course this is my Sunday treat when I go. Can’t really complain with that right 🙂

So now to fully address my unhealthiness. I do feel a little ashamed for continuing saying I’m going to get healthy but then go back on my word. Hey, I never said I was perfect. It got to a point where my friend and I have stopped going to Zumba. This is because of work and the shifts we have during the week. My shifts are 9-5 whereas she has now been having shifts from 11-6 or 6-10. Not great for when you need to go to Zumba at 5.

I have also halted my yoga in the mornings. This halt is due to vigorous study and hectic preparation for workshops and mock interviews. I have to say, it was a good choice to halt my yoga because the extensive study has helped me to pass all of my assessments. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get back into it.

I may have halted my yoga but I have been spending more time with this beautiful boy:


He has been my calm through all of the storms I have been facing. I mean he is just BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway this has been April for me and I’m super excited for May and all that may come.

Until next time xx

April Adventures

April hasn’t been particularly great with posts. In fact it hasn’t been any. Today I thought ‘why not update on my month’ so here I am.

First off I’m going to pay my respects to ALL Soldiers who have lost their lives. Today is ANZAC Day and a special day for me personally. My pop was in the Vietnam War however he passed away last year so as a tribute my uncles went in the march to honor him. Just wanted to say that I love and miss him like crazy.

Lets we forget.

As for me, April has been crazy, hectic, beautiful, wonderful, mad and altogether amazing. Let me begin by saying, no I have NOT remained healthy. Family (mainly my dad) have been visiting and I have been working a lot. Not to mention study. Speaking of study, I have now completed my foundation units as well as my pracs with those units and on the way to gaining access to my full course.

I am so proud of my self this month. Not only have I completed all my written body of work but also managed to complete my verbal and practical body of work. Though, I have to say speaking is sometimes not my strong point. However, I gt through it and was even told by the assessor that I did really well and maintained a warm and friendly approach through the whole assessment. *HAPPY DANCE*

Dad came down to visit- from Queensland- twice. The first time he came, it was Ben and I’s third year anniversary. Crazy right? I have actually been in a relationship for 3 years and 1 month (as of writing this post). The second time I didn’t think he would make it as he was on the bus and had to go through flood water. He made it and when he came up started my love of Chinese food. I don’t usually eat Chinese but when dad was up, we had a nice little lunch date which started my love for it. We found a nice little restaurant and I got a Mongolian Beef. My goodness it was AMAZING!


Dad even helped me out in the garden. I was inspired by the garden looking so good that I even created a few little pots:


I haven’t taken a picture of the work done to the garden as there is still more (a lot more) work to do. Plus these guys are super cute and even though this picture is taken when I first started them, as a proud beginner with gardening, it is important to know that they are growing. For me to have plants growing is super exciting as I seem to have them dying on me usually. Fingers crossed.

My uncles have been up from Sydney for a visit and in fact are coming up again tomorrow, this time bringing my cousin. My Aunt had even visited with one of my little cousins which was pretty awesome to see them.

This month I have even been seeing more of my friends. I mean I have been making time and the effort to reconnect or connect with old and new friends. That has been really great and really surprising to see that I do still have the capability to make friends.

This post will be continued 🙂 It’s a bit hard to get all on one month in as well as provide details of the adventures had but I think I’m doing ok.

Until next time xx

Today <3

So much love today. Few things happening that are making me so extremely happy.

  1. Ben and I have been together for three years today
  2. Its St Patrick’s Day- Which of course my favorite colour is the focus of the day
  3. Its my Nona’s birthday
  4. My dad is coming from Queensland for a week- Though he won’t actually be here till Sunday morning because he is catching a bus on Saturday.

Today is absolutely amazing however I am also a little sad. No for today but for tomorrow. Ben and I had planned, when we were still talking about it, to get married the day after our 3rd year anniversary. Of course that would mean tomorrow would be the day we got married.

Just keeping my mind busy with all the love and trying not to think about it too much. That’s the way to go right?

Until next time xx

Feeling Good

I am almost finished my first 8 units in my course. Super excited as the course is set up to only give me (or anyone doing it) access to parts at a time. Almost at stage 2- another 8 units. One step closer each and everyday.

So I didn’t post yesterday because I had work and then a few minutes after, I had Zumba. Zumba was good though right at the end my ankle decided it needed a break. I pushed through because it was the last dance though when I got home I couldn’t walk. Whoops. Tell you what, missing that one week of Zumba really throws you out. My feet were wanting to do something entirely different from the actual dances, but I made it.

Yesterday was day three of me being strict and I have to be honest, there have been times I wanted chocolate or pizza (thanks to the smell of it in the shop down the road) but its like my body is internally saying no to me. its weird to say- believe me I know- but its like my body’s rhythm because I have tried, and failed, to do this before. Maybe its picking up some sort of memory from the last time.

Anyway, until next time xx

Day one

Today is day one of me being strict as all hell on myself. I did my yoga, had water and cereal for breakfast and I thought I could do it. It was going great… then lunchtime hit. I got those cravings. I got that feeling that feels like you’re missing something in your stomach and yes I did continually ask Ben if we could go get some chocolate or pizza. It got hard real quick.

It took a nap for me to stop asking for it. I am really happy that Ben also said no to it, because now I now he is 100% supporting me in my decision to not have chocolate  or anything unhealthy. However, I am going to put it out there that on Friday is mine and Ben’s 3 year anniversary. There is a chance that I will most likely have some chocolate or something unhealthy. Though in saying that, it will not be as bad as I have been of late.

Tonight, I did the cooking. I made the Asian dish I like and I am planning to make chicken and pasta tomorrow night- well that’s if the chicken has defrosted by then. Right now, the cravings are still there but not as annoying as they were today. The end result is worth it so I have to stay strong.

Till next time xx

Body Image 2.0

Last night I went on a big thing about body image. Partly because of what happened to me growing up, what I see from other people and because I still am a bigger girl. Don’t get me wrong I love who I am however with how many health risks run in the family, it’s a lot safer to be both fit and healthy. Though I still am subjected to people bullying me, body shaming me and sometimes I become my own nightmare.

Lets continue-

Social media:

Kind of get a chill or the urge to eye roll at the mention of social media. The reason is because it is a breeding ground for body image. Fashion magazine telling us what to wear, how to wear it and what size to be to obtain the picture perfect body. Having T.V shows with the girls with the hourglass figure and guys with a muscle toned body.

It is all around us. It has become easier for people- sometimes people you don’t even know- to see a picture of you and judge you. That judgement can stay with you. Not saying it will always stay with you but sometimes it does and it can effect your adult life.

Its easier for people to judge and  criticize anonymously too. This happened to me on an app called ‘’. You can ask questions or post random thoughts or whatever to a certain person. You can do this either by letting the person know who you are or anonymously. Well, I had about 3 maybe 6 different anonymous people saying I was fat, ugly, that my dresses didn’t suit me etc. I admit, I was caught off guard. Who would write such horrible things. Then it hit me, I shouldn’t have that in my life. I shouldn’t have to worry what others think about my body or the way I dress because despite what they say I am happy.

Social media- often times good- can either make you feel good about yourself by connecting with friends and seeing the latest fashion or whatever but it can also make you feel worse about yourself seeing the ‘ideal’ body shape or what food you should and shouldn’t eat.

Not to mention the air brush you see in magazines, instagram pictures or even snapchat can give the illusion that some looks better then you. Again with the comparing. The air brush look makes a lot of girls, guys, men and women the feeling that they are lacking good looks and attractiveness because they don’t look like the size 0, air brushed model or their friend who has used way to many Photoshop tools to adjust the picture. This information is what is shaping the way young children think about themselves. They see this stuff and thing its normal for people to look like that. Then they see their sisters or brothers or their friend’s sisters or brothers reacting to this or that surrounded around body image.

Help someone if you suspect they are going through their own body image shame. Even just give a random compliment about their body…… no wait, I mean do that but not in a creepy way. I mean just say they look nice or something. Please, please, please don’t take that the wrong way. Be kinder to yourself because you are beautiful too.

Anyway, until next time xx