Body Image 2.0

Last night I went on a big thing about body image. Partly because of what happened to me growing up, what I see from other people and because I still am a bigger girl. Don’t get me wrong I love who I am however with how many health risks run in the family, it’s a lot safer to be both fit and healthy. Though I still am subjected to people bullying me, body shaming me and sometimes I become my own nightmare.

Lets continue-

Social media:

Kind of get a chill or the urge to eye roll at the mention of social media. The reason is because it is a breeding ground for body image. Fashion magazine telling us what to wear, how to wear it and what size to be to obtain the picture perfect body. Having T.V shows with the girls with the hourglass figure and guys with a muscle toned body.

It is all around us. It has become easier for people- sometimes people you don’t even know- to see a picture of you and judge you. That judgement can stay with you. Not saying it will always stay with you but sometimes it does and it can effect your adult life.

Its easier for people to judge and  criticize anonymously too. This happened to me on an app called ‘’. You can ask questions or post random thoughts or whatever to a certain person. You can do this either by letting the person know who you are or anonymously. Well, I had about 3 maybe 6 different anonymous people saying I was fat, ugly, that my dresses didn’t suit me etc. I admit, I was caught off guard. Who would write such horrible things. Then it hit me, I shouldn’t have that in my life. I shouldn’t have to worry what others think about my body or the way I dress because despite what they say I am happy.

Social media- often times good- can either make you feel good about yourself by connecting with friends and seeing the latest fashion or whatever but it can also make you feel worse about yourself seeing the ‘ideal’ body shape or what food you should and shouldn’t eat.

Not to mention the air brush you see in magazines, instagram pictures or even snapchat can give the illusion that some looks better then you. Again with the comparing. The air brush look makes a lot of girls, guys, men and women the feeling that they are lacking good looks and attractiveness because they don’t look like the size 0, air brushed model or their friend who has used way to many Photoshop tools to adjust the picture. This information is what is shaping the way young children think about themselves. They see this stuff and thing its normal for people to look like that. Then they see their sisters or brothers or their friend’s sisters or brothers reacting to this or that surrounded around body image.

Help someone if you suspect they are going through their own body image shame. Even just give a random compliment about their body…… no wait, I mean do that but not in a creepy way. I mean just say they look nice or something. Please, please, please don’t take that the wrong way. Be kinder to yourself because you are beautiful too.

Anyway, until next time xx



Time For Some Honesty

I haven’t posted in a few days. I have been a little bit ashamed to be honest because I have been indulging like there is no tomorrow. Yes, I mean chocolate and junk food. Basically everything unhealthy. I haven’t been doing my morning yoga or anything spiritual, which I normally did after yoga i.e. meditation, daily readings etc.

It started on Wednesday night when my friend and I couldn’t go to Zumba. That night I had Nutella pizza for dinner and then on thew Thursday I had KFC for lunch followed by another Nutella pizza- yeah I had two lunches on Thursday. Not only that but I have been buying Easter eggs at night time. You know the the small cadbury ones? Yeah them. A pack a night.

But in all truth I started eating chocolate a few weeks before that. Why? I don’t know. I mean I was fine and then I just got the craving for it. Of course I gave in but now…… now I just can’t stop. Nope, that’s a lie. I can stop, I just haven’t had the motivation to stop. So I made a decision to start again. To make the choice to be happy and to get rid of my health issues. This time I am gonna be harsh with myself. I’m talking no chocolate, no soft drink (OK maybe lemonade here and there) and absolutely no junk food (well maybe if I’m out with friends. Which is hardly ever so I think I’m OK).

I mean, I’m a typical girl who is in love with chocolate and all that unhealthy junk. Don’t get me wrong, I love a juicy Big Mac or a block of chocolate while watching a movie. Especially if its Harry Potter *Big Fan Girl Right Here* but I need to learn to balance that love with the love and self worth of my body.Right now however, I haven’t learnt that skill of balance so this is the best and at times (like now) the only option for me. To be harsh with myself and use a little tough love.

I am posting this today as I have had some time to think. Its good for me to post the healthy things on here to help me keep track but its only good and helpful to post the indulgences I have been doing. This way I can monitor my progress and see where and why I had a set back. Either way, I am doing this for myself. I’m not doing it to impress anyone or to have people judge me- which I am sure there is at least one person who will the moment I step outside the comfort of my house. This is because I am beautiful. I am strong. I am worth a lot more then I give myself credit.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Please remember that and love yourself.

Anyway, until next time xx

Double Rainbow Kind Of Morning

Off to a great and beautiful start this morning. It was raining all night and waking up to a beautiful rainbow was just the sight I wanted to see. Upon closer inspection, I could see another rainbow on top of the brilliant coloured one. It was fainter and less visible but still there and shining its radiant beauty around.


Not the best photo around but you can still sort of see the double rainbow. I mean I never said I was good at taking photos. The sky is still a little grey but the sun is slowly making its way up. As the sun comes up, its highlighting every water drop, every green exposed parts of the tress and grass, making them look stunning and even with a hint of glitter on them.

Anyway, that’s my morning so far 🙂

Until next time xx

One With Nature

Today has been a bit different. Different to my normal Saturdays anyway.

So three days ago (Wednesday) before I went to Zumba, Ben came home from a busy day volunteering with an amazing gift for me. A years pass to my favorite nature board walk. I was so excited that I made plans to go today.

Instead of my usual study, we went shopping (mainly just looking around), got lunch and went on the fabulously amazing walk. I was so happy that I swear I could smell the freshness in the air when we pulled up.

The board walk is in this huge rain forest. Everything looked fresh and new. I was mesmerized. Though there was a lot of fallen tress and breaches from the recent heavy winds, it didn’t take away with how amazing it was.

It was simply beautiful there and diffidently going again hopefully during the week. I even what to have my weeding here. I mean there is a really beautiful part that is specifically for bush churches, meditation classes and for schools to learn about nature. It is absolutely perfect to have a wedding ceremony there. Plus, think about how amazing the photos would be.

I am so happy that I just can’t contain myself. I have even started to write again today.Another hobby I like doing yet lately haven’t been doing it. I have completed 5 chapters in the last two years and then I just stopped. I re read the chapters that I already had in order to pick up where I left off and I had to laugh. The memories of writing them came flooding back and I even remember how I was feeling when I wrote them. Both good and bad times when writing those chapters.

Anyway, until next time xx

Dancing Circles

Ok wow, what an incredible night. My friend and I went to our first Zumba class and my gosh does the instructor like to give you a workout. Well actually, the Zumba instructor is also the Burlesque instructor and damn she is fine. I say that as one woman appreciating another woman’s body plus she is my goal. Well not her, but her body is. I mean ideal wedding dress body plus pretty sure if I was in shape and looked like that, I’d feel sexy as hell.

Anyway, I digress. Zumba was amazing fun. Luckily, I had spoken to her beforehand and asked what to bring otherwise my friend…. and me…. would either have both fainted from intense workout or wore extremely non appropriate clothing that would have turned see through to the point of non existed. Hey, I don’t usually workout that hard core so not really knowing the appropriate attire is pretty much my thing.

Between Yoga/Pilates in the morning and Zumba this afternoon, has made my legs completely jelly and in a lazy coma state. However I feel, I still manged to ask the instructor when she was planning to hold the next Burlesque class. Turns out she is holding a mini Valentines Day workshop (Burlesque workshop thingy) and then after that do a full six week Burlesque block. Which you know, is totally awesome sauce. I think I may have even converted my friend into giving Burlesque a try *Evil laugh and tapping of fingers inserted*.

When Zumba finished for the night, my friend had her boyfriend pick us up and he took me home. Of course I didn’t have a big night planned when I got home, you know, knowing that after a big dancing workout would tire me out, I didn’t expect much. Though I was massively surprised when I walked through the door. Ben had been cooking up a storm and had a bath all ready for me. The dinner he mad was curried sausages and was absolutely amazing. He is amazing.


Zumba, we (meaning I will because I can’t speak for my friend…. though I think she will) be back and more incredible fun shall be had. Amazing night and amazing people.

Until next time xx

P.S- You are all beautiful and shine brightly. Be bold, Be beautiful, Be YOU ❤