Feeling Good

I am almost finished my first 8 units in my course. Super excited as the course is set up to only give me (or anyone doing it) access to parts at a time. Almost at stage 2- another 8 units. One step closer each and everyday.

So I didn’t post yesterday because I had work and then a few minutes after, I had Zumba. Zumba was good though right at the end my ankle decided it needed a break. I pushed through because it was the last dance though when I got home I couldn’t walk. Whoops. Tell you what, missing that one week of Zumba really throws you out. My feet were wanting to do something entirely different from the actual dances, but I made it.

Yesterday was day three of me being strict and I have to be honest, there have been times I wanted chocolate or pizza (thanks to the smell of it in the shop down the road) but its like my body is internally saying no to me. its weird to say- believe me I know- but its like my body’s rhythm because I have tried, and failed, to do this before. Maybe its picking up some sort of memory from the last time.

Anyway, until next time xx


Better When You’re Dancing

So no Zumba tonight as both me and my friend worked late. Kind of sad because I was looking forward to it but I have decided to do some extra yoga on top of my morning and newly made bedtime routine.

Just for fun, I made up a dance. No idea why but I feel 10 times better when I’m dancing or having fun of any kind. I mean it sounds stupid to say when its the most common of common sense but for a long time I didn’t let lose and just dance. It feels good to say I have finally learnt to have fun like no one is watching.

Feeling the stretch already. This is my little break where I decided to post. I am only having 2 minute noodles tonight as Ben got injured today and doesn’t really feel like eating. He got bad stuff in his eyes so had to go to the doctor. The doctor had to scrap the stuff out and put some eye dropy thing in to see if his eye got scratched. Really not a pleasant day for him.

I won’t post about the menu tonight as everyone knows what noodles are. Plus they wouldn’t be classed as the most healthiest thing.

Until next time xx

Today is HERE!

Today is the big day. The day were I get to get another taste for Burlesque. I am so keen for tonight, I could hardly sleep last night.

I kept dreaming I was dancing though it didn’t feel like a dream. Who knows I may have been sleep dancing. May sound weird but I have been known to sleep walk, talk and hit people in my sleep, sleep dancing isn’t much of a stretch.

Anyway, I wanted to keep you updated in the dancing en-devours I seem to be enjoying *Dancing on the spot :)* and you can be sure (if I don’t fall asleep when I get home) that there will be another post telling you all how exciting and fun it was :).

Short post but I couldn’t contain excitement.

Until next time xx

Second Week Down

I was going to post this last night but I was so tired from Zumba.

My friend and I had our second week at Zumba last night and we killed it. Well, I’d like to think we killed it. I mean we still didn’t know all the steps but we did so much better then last week. I learnt that I have no balance what so ever, which is very difficult when you’re trying to stretch.

Last night our instructor taught us another dance because we were all running ahead of schedule. The dance she showed us was a booty popping one. I also learnt that I have a big butt which almost knocked out a lady behind me *Nervous giggle*.

There was even a discussion about Friday *Squeal (I’m so excited)* and what to wear. Of course she told us to wear something comfortable but also something that makes us feel sexy. Which I am pretty sure I don’t have- but I will defiantly find something…. hopefully.

Until next time xx


I’m so excited because next week my friend and I will be starting a mixture of dance. We will be doing Contemporary, Zumba and Burlesque. I’m really excited because I haven’t done Contemporary before and I am keen to do Burlesque again.

This on top of my already formed routine of Yoga/ Pilates in the morning will most defiantly help me to achieve my goal and to help me stay healthy. Ben and I would still like to get married this year so I would like to fit and feel comfortable in my wedding dress which is one of my biggest goals.

I have made a slight improvement already by my stomach looking and feeling smaller then it was before. This is motivating me to continue my workouts and helping me to get the mindset to stay and enjoy dancing.

I know this is small but I can’t contain my excitement and this new positive energy around me (which is highly welcomed and much needed, especially from last year). I hope to be posting some more exciting things in the coming weeks as well as any progress I have made on the health front.

Oh, on a side note- Crookshanks is like 99% in my name now. It’s been a long strain but I have finally found a way to get my dad’s ex’s name off the official documentation of Crookshanks.

Anyway, until next time xx



Talk about forgetting to write for awhile.  I have recently been introduced to the world of PC gaming. Though I don’t play the games hardcore gamers play, the g are still quiet addicting. I’ve been playing (and beening distracted) Skyrim, Sims 3, DC Universe online and Pokémon Emerald.
I’m not completely addicted as I do end up doing other things that need to be done but for a time waster it is easy to be distracted. I’ve also decided to play Just Dance on the WII as a form of exercise. I’ve discovered that it’s easier for me to do exercise when I’m having fun and I gotta say, I love dancing. I use to dance Ballet, Jazz as well as do gymnastics but I had a bad accident with my ankle so I had to stop. It was unfortunate at the time of the Dance Estedford because I couldn’t go and my under study had too as my partner accidentally dropped me and therefore injuring my ankle furnther. Though, I did get to watch the video of it at home. One of my friends from my class got her mum to film it and she brought it over and watched it with me. Come to think of it I haven’t spoken or seen her in awhile, I hope sheis doing well. She was such a talented dancer.
There was always that one thing that I loved doing just as much as dancing and gymnastics and that was Horse Riding. I was pretty good at it if I do say so myself. I recieved a trophy for first place in show jumpping and two 2nd places for dressage. I loved it and the horses especially mine, Dandy and Tubo. The local shows were always fun not only because of the performing in front of everyone on the back of amazingly beautiful animals but the bond you gained afterwards when you were cooling the horses down or giving them a carrot. However,  there was a period of sadness as my horse Dandy had to be put to sleep. That whole month I felt I had lost a friend but I knew it was for the best as Dandy had a fracture in one of his legs and though the vet tried to do everything she could to make him feel comfortable, in the end it was better to get him out of his misery. I was so upset when the day came the vet gave Dandy the needle and I couldn’t stop crying. The only thing that made me stop crying was the loving hugs I recieved from Tubo. In fact, Tubo was the one to keep me from giving up on Horse Riding.
I have also tried bowling. I was pretty good at it too and recieved two second place trophies for it. My team was somewhow always at the top ranks and to be honest, I don’t think I was the one making sure it stayed that way but in any case I helped. I made some pretty amazing friends in my team and in other teams as well but eventually one by one they stopped going and soon I was in a team of a range of new people who just didn’t understand my weirdness so I eventually stopped going.
Wow, looking at it, I’ve been busy when it comes to hobbies but I have to say each one I have enjoyed, even Gymnastics where the one thing I hated the most was climbing the rope.
I would like to get into Ballroom Dancing. I have no idea why but I really like it. There is a poetic and graceful way the dancers and I just love it. There isn’t really any other explanation for it.
Anyway,  until next time xx