Clean Environment, Happy Mind

I’m getting ready for my First Aid next week but while I am doing that, I’m also cleaning. I mean heavy cleaning.

The bedroom, the bathroom- EVERYTHING! I find that when my surrounding environment is cleaning and de-cluttered then so is my mind. I did some heavy cleaning today and boy I felt great. My hair kept doing this amazing thing when it fell and I just felt taller. Not only that, but I went to Subway for lunch with my nan and cousin and the guy serving us full on flirted with me. That was a major confident boost, I’ll tell you.

I have self esteem issues sometimes. I mean I am only human and I’m a girl so it’s bound to happy sometimes. Due to having this issues at times, I worry that Ben will leave me. Ok, I know that’s dumb but it’s a thought that pops up every now and then. So to be flirted with is a major confidence booster.

Now I want to let everyone know that I LOVE BEN! I will never do anything to hurt him or anything like that. I was just pointing out how nice it is sometimes that other people also notice your beauty too.

I honestly believe that today was a really good day because I had done some cleaning. A clean environment = happy mind ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, it does for me anyway.

Till next time xx


Quick Little Post

Three of my assessments have been marked. I am pleased to say that the first three assessment have been a……ย Success!ย So happy that I am going to burst ๐Ÿ™‚

Short little post to update ๐Ÿ™‚

Till next time xx

Double Rainbow Kind Of Morning

Off to a great and beautiful start this morning. It was raining all night and waking up to a beautiful rainbow was just the sight I wanted to see. Upon closer inspection, I could see another rainbow on top of the brilliant coloured one. It was fainter and less visible but still there and shining its radiant beauty around.


Not the best photo around but you can still sort of see the double rainbow. I mean I never said I was good at taking photos. The sky is still a little grey but the sun is slowly making its way up. As the sun comes up, its highlighting every waterย drop, every green exposed parts of the tress and grass, making them look stunning and even with a hint of glitter on them.

Anyway, that’s my morning so far ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time xx

Better When You’re Dancing

So no Zumba tonight as both me and my friend worked late. Kind of sad because I was looking forward to it but I have decided to do some extra yoga on top of my morning and newly made bedtime routine.

Just for fun, I made up a dance. No idea why but I feel 10 times better when I’m dancing or having fun of any kind. I mean it sounds stupid to say when its the most common of common sense but for a long time I didn’t let lose and just dance. It feels good to say I have finally learnt to have fun like no one is watching.

Feeling the stretch already. This is my little break where I decided to post. I am only having 2 minute noodles tonight as Ben got injured today and doesn’t really feel like eating. He got bad stuff in his eyes so had to go to the doctor. The doctor had to scrap the stuff out and put some eye dropy thing in to see if his eye got scratched. Really not a pleasant day for him.

I won’t post about the menu tonight as everyone knows what noodles are. Plus they wouldn’t be classed as the most healthiest thing.

Until next time xx

Tonight’s menu

I’ve started a new thing, having a green tea in the mornings. Green tea helps burn fat so that should help a lot with my exercises. I have also started doing yoga at night as well as my morning routine. The idea behind that is that it will put me in a relaxing state of mind for sleep.

For my blog I am going to try do a ‘Tonight’s menu’ thing. This is more for me as it will help me see the healthy things I have for dinner and keep me on track- I have really bad days where all I want is a Big Mac. Though some of the healthy food I put up might inspire you for what to have on your menu.

Win- win I guess (hope).ย Ben cooked tonight. We had beef rissoles and potatoes which were absolutely fabulous. Cooked to perfection. Though I have to admit, I can’t eat meat with out tomato sauce. I mean I can but I don’t really enjoy so I prefer not to.


Paired with water and some lemonade- OK well I had mostly lemonade but when that ran out I had water- it was n amazing dinner. Happy feelings all around ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time xx

One With Nature

Today has been a bit different. Different to my normal Saturdays anyway.

So three days ago (Wednesday) before I went to Zumba, Ben came home from a busy day volunteering with an amazing gift for me. A years pass to my favorite nature board walk. I was so excited that I made plans to go today.

Instead of my usual study, we went shopping (mainly just looking around), got lunch and went on the fabulously amazing walk. I was so happy that I swear I could smell the freshness in the air when we pulled up.

The board walk is in this huge rain forest. Everything looked fresh and new. I was mesmerized. Though there was a lot of fallen tress and breaches from the recent heavy winds, it didn’t take away with how amazing it was.

It was simply beautiful there and diffidently going again hopefully during the week. I even what to have my weeding here. I mean there is a really beautiful part that is specifically for bush churches, meditation classes and for schools to learn about nature. It is absolutely perfect to have a wedding ceremony there. Plus, think about how amazing the photos would be.

I am so happy that I just can’t contain myself. I have even started to write again today.Another hobby I like doing yet lately haven’t been doing it. I have completed 5 chapters in the last two years and then I just stopped. I re read the chapters that I already had in order to pick up where I left off and I had to laugh. The memories of writing them came flooding back and I even remember how I was feeling when I wrote them. Both good and bad times when writing those chapters.

Anyway, until next time xx

*Happy Dance Inserted*

Ahhh so happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I have completed yet another assessment. So keen to have it done, I feel like I’m doing a lot of work (even though I’m probably not) and I just seem to be getting it done. I give myself plenty of time too complete them too but I seem to get them finished well before the due that I’ve given myself. I say the date I gave myself because it’s an online flexible course, so it doesn’t interrupt if I do get called in for work.

Speaking of work, I have it again tomorrow. I feel weird saying I have work AGAIN when everyone works everyday. I’m just in the background chilling just waiting for the next time I go to work. I mean it’s not all bad, I do get to do a lot more study on the days I’m at home.

I have Zumba tonight, which I’m keen for. I mean it is probably the thing I look forward to in the week. The instructor was a bit tricky last week at Zumba. My friend and I were really confident that we knew all the moves to the dances and that last week happened. The instructor decided to play a few new songs which of course had their own dances. Ahhh it was horrible, but funny too. Fumbling around like we were in the dark.

Anyway until next time xx