April Adventures Continued

When I left off I mentioned that I was making friends. In addition to spending time with friends, Sundays I have now being going to the club. Yes, I’ve started going to the raffles with my nan and pop. It’s been really good to have a day where I am with them because I can see how pop is and if he is having a good or bad day.


Of course this is my Sunday treat when I go. Can’t really complain with that right 🙂

So now to fully address my unhealthiness. I do feel a little ashamed for continuing saying I’m going to get healthy but then go back on my word. Hey, I never said I was perfect. It got to a point where my friend and I have stopped going to Zumba. This is because of work and the shifts we have during the week. My shifts are 9-5 whereas she has now been having shifts from 11-6 or 6-10. Not great for when you need to go to Zumba at 5.

I have also halted my yoga in the mornings. This halt is due to vigorous study and hectic preparation for workshops and mock interviews. I have to say, it was a good choice to halt my yoga because the extensive study has helped me to pass all of my assessments. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get back into it.

I may have halted my yoga but I have been spending more time with this beautiful boy:


He has been my calm through all of the storms I have been facing. I mean he is just BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway this has been April for me and I’m super excited for May and all that may come.

Until next time xx


Time For Some Honesty

I haven’t posted in a few days. I have been a little bit ashamed to be honest because I have been indulging like there is no tomorrow. Yes, I mean chocolate and junk food. Basically everything unhealthy. I haven’t been doing my morning yoga or anything spiritual, which I normally did after yoga i.e. meditation, daily readings etc.

It started on Wednesday night when my friend and I couldn’t go to Zumba. That night I had Nutella pizza for dinner and then on thew Thursday I had KFC for lunch followed by another Nutella pizza- yeah I had two lunches on Thursday. Not only that but I have been buying Easter eggs at night time. You know the the small cadbury ones? Yeah them. A pack a night.

But in all truth I started eating chocolate a few weeks before that. Why? I don’t know. I mean I was fine and then I just got the craving for it. Of course I gave in but now…… now I just can’t stop. Nope, that’s a lie. I can stop, I just haven’t had the motivation to stop. So I made a decision to start again. To make the choice to be happy and to get rid of my health issues. This time I am gonna be harsh with myself. I’m talking no chocolate, no soft drink (OK maybe lemonade here and there) and absolutely no junk food (well maybe if I’m out with friends. Which is hardly ever so I think I’m OK).

I mean, I’m a typical girl who is in love with chocolate and all that unhealthy junk. Don’t get me wrong, I love a juicy Big Mac or a block of chocolate while watching a movie. Especially if its Harry Potter *Big Fan Girl Right Here* but I need to learn to balance that love with the love and self worth of my body.Right now however, I haven’t learnt that skill of balance so this is the best and at times (like now) the only option for me. To be harsh with myself and use a little tough love.

I am posting this today as I have had some time to think. Its good for me to post the healthy things on here to help me keep track but its only good and helpful to post the indulgences I have been doing. This way I can monitor my progress and see where and why I had a set back. Either way, I am doing this for myself. I’m not doing it to impress anyone or to have people judge me- which I am sure there is at least one person who will the moment I step outside the comfort of my house. This is because I am beautiful. I am strong. I am worth a lot more then I give myself credit.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Please remember that and love yourself.

Anyway, until next time xx


I haven’t posted in days….. which given my track record of posts is a lot better.

So I have start off by saying that I am OFFICIALLY in my Nutrition course. Super exciting and making me extremely happy and energetic at the moment. I mean I am even up to question 7 of my first assignment- yeah I know that isn’t very many done but considering I officially started yesterday and I have reading for days, that is a solid effort.

Another thing that has happened in the really short time that it has taken for me to post is that my pop has had a roller-coaster of  things happen to him. He has been down then up then down again in his health and the worst part is I don’t know what to do to help. I feel useless sometimes.

Anyway, until next time xx

Not a great start…..

It’s afternoon/ early night where I am and I have had lots of things dumped on me emotionally from the moment I woke up. So I’ll start at the beginning….

Wake up to Ben telling our roommate off about the air con (apparently it was let on…. again) and how he needs to start doing his dishes (because as usual, he just stacked all his crap on and around the sink). So that was fun-not. Next Ben comes in and asks me to be a total nutcase to him about it because he felt he wasn’t listening to him. Ok, to be fair the dishes were annoying me to the point of giving up on wanting to do ANY cleaning and the air con thing was worrying me for our electricity but I was trying to stay calm through it all.

However in being calm and collected nothing was being done. Now, Ben knows I can be a MASSIVE bombshell (as is any woman’s right) about absolutely anything especially if it has been getting under my skin so when I prepared him for the worst, he literally stood 10 feet away from me while we both (thank goodness) went out to speak to our roommate. Well… I think I teared him a new one and the whole time he was trying to blame us and say that he was NOT doing all these things. He soon stopped all of that when I quoted word from word about conversations we have had months ago. Pandora’s box had been opened and I hadn’t even had breakfast yet. Funny thing is- I was holding back my venom and I think I still made him cringe a lil. Oppps.

Finally, that was over and I could start getting ready for the day. I called Nan in the hopes of organizing lunch with her. Instead my Pop answered and my gosh he sounded horrible. My Pop (may have mentioned previously, not sure) is very sick and everyone in the family is on eggshells waiting for the dreaded day. Of course getting off the phone to him while he sounds like he is one step closer to deaths door put me in a dizzy of panic and worry.

Ben had to calm me down so I could have a shower, feel a bit better and organize the day. So I did. Thank goodness for Ben because I was NOT copping. I know it seems silly to worry but even the doctors said it could be any day. Staying positive for him though. After my shower I was collected enough to call Nan again. We organizes lunch and some grocery shopping for her. We get down town to see her and tell her about everything and even talking about what little Ben and I have planned for the wedding. This was when she mentioned that my cousin is getting married, another cousin having another baby, my uncle is not having his medication like he should and all Pop wants to do in his days is sleep.

  1. That’s great my cousin is finally marrying the girl he has been with for seven years
  2. Again great my cousin got his girlfriend pregnant again. Though I worry about him as he doesn’t seem like kids (even his own) is his thing
  3. Absolutely frightened at the fact my uncle is not having his medication. It frightens me as he tends to get angry and at times violent when he isn’t having it plus this is the man who is my Pop’s carer. So yeah, little scared
  4. It concerns me (and Nan) that all Pop wants to do is sleep. The doctors told Nan that when that starts to happen, he won’t have much longer. Lets hop they are wrong

A lot of emotional stuff today. Craving chocolate but not giving in….. yet.

Until next time xx

Breakie Blitz

Yesterday for breakfast, I decided to do something a bit different to my usual cereal or raisin bread. Yes, yesterday I made a smoothie and Cinnamon Toast.

The smoothie I made was a Mango and Orange blend. It was meant to have Pineapple in it but I was such a genius that I forgot to buy the Pineapple in the first place. Oh well, it was still a delicious. Again Ben also enjoyed it.


The toast was a nice touch to the smoothie. However, if I was to make this smoothie again (Which I will most likely do today) I will have to use a less stringy orange. I mean it was a great smoothie but the stingy-ness from the orange was VERY noticeable when drinking.

I wonder how it would have tasted with the Pineapple. Only time will tell I guess…. I mean when I finally get to try it with the Pineapple.

I’ll try to keep you up to date with my odd smoothie chocies or my new creations of food (if ever I make some).

Anyway, until next time xx


I’m so excited because next week my friend and I will be starting a mixture of dance. We will be doing Contemporary, Zumba and Burlesque. I’m really excited because I haven’t done Contemporary before and I am keen to do Burlesque again.

This on top of my already formed routine of Yoga/ Pilates in the morning will most defiantly help me to achieve my goal and to help me stay healthy. Ben and I would still like to get married this year so I would like to fit and feel comfortable in my wedding dress which is one of my biggest goals.

I have made a slight improvement already by my stomach looking and feeling smaller then it was before. This is motivating me to continue my workouts and helping me to get the mindset to stay and enjoy dancing.

I know this is small but I can’t contain my excitement and this new positive energy around me (which is highly welcomed and much needed, especially from last year). I hope to be posting some more exciting things in the coming weeks as well as any progress I have made on the health front.

Oh, on a side note- Crookshanks is like 99% in my name now. It’s been a long strain but I have finally found a way to get my dad’s ex’s name off the official documentation of Crookshanks.

Anyway, until next time xx


2017 so far

So it is a new year and past challenges are behind me. New adventures an new challenges are ahead and let’s be honest….. not sure whether to be excited or scared for them.

I have already mentioned the living arrangements and how things got under my skin. Honestly, I wish the little things would stop but unfortunately it hasn’t stopped. Even Ben said today we are past the point of saying anything to him because whenever we mention what’s on our mind and if he would please stop those things…. he just doesn’t listen. Though I am not going to bore you with the things that make me angry, instead I’ll most likely be boring you with all the things to look forward to this year.

This year so far (because it has only just started and things could change) has been filled with new determination. Though at work they have dropped me back down to casual and yeah that was kinda a little disappointing, it won’t stop me from applying for all the up coming jobs I know is coming up. I have started doing yoga each and every morning as well as meditating, I have been doing some spiritual healings- which has also helped me as well as the person I’m doing the healing for as it helps me tune into my spiritual being and my higher self and I have been taking care of myself by taking time for myself.

Last year I was kind of in hibernation where I didn’t want to hang out with any of my friends, this year I have been trying to plan things with them and just hang out. The key word there is TRY as sometimes my friends aren’t the most reliable with sticking to plans but I still try because I love them and I want to spend time with them.

Since I have mentioned the living arrangements, I should also mention that Ben and I were thinking of moving to QLD- not with dad- to get a fresh start. However, today brought some good news as Ben may have a chance of work, courtesy of a friend, so we may still end up living here but not in the same house.

This is a result of two reasons:

  1. The neighbor behind us has threatened to hurt my cat.
  2. We want to start a family but we can’t (more we don’t want to) while living with a room mate who is disrespectful to us.

Good news though, Ben and I have started talking about the wedding again. We have kinda decided just to have the ceremony and maybe do something small later with friends but having a reception just seems either too much money and an excuse to have a flashy celebration.

Until next time xx