Clean Environment, Happy Mind

I’m getting ready for my First Aid next week but while I am doing that, I’m also cleaning. I mean heavy cleaning.

The bedroom, the bathroom- EVERYTHING! I find that when my surrounding environment is cleaning and de-cluttered then so is my mind. I did some heavy cleaning today and boy I felt great. My hair kept doing this amazing thing when it fell and I just felt taller. Not only that, but I went to Subway for lunch with my nan and cousin and the guy serving us full on flirted with me. That was a major confident boost, I’ll tell you.

I have self esteem issues sometimes. I mean I am only human and I’m a girl so it’s bound to happy sometimes. Due to having this issues at times, I worry that Ben will leave me. Ok, I know that’s dumb but it’s a thought that pops up every now and then. So to be flirted with is a major confidence booster.

Now I want to let everyone know that I LOVE BEN! I will never do anything to hurt him or anything like that. I was just pointing out how nice it is sometimes that other people also notice your beauty too.

I honestly believe that today was a really good day because I had done some cleaning. A clean environment = happy mind 🙂 Well, it does for me anyway.

Till next time xx


2017 so far

So it is a new year and past challenges are behind me. New adventures an new challenges are ahead and let’s be honest….. not sure whether to be excited or scared for them.

I have already mentioned the living arrangements and how things got under my skin. Honestly, I wish the little things would stop but unfortunately it hasn’t stopped. Even Ben said today we are past the point of saying anything to him because whenever we mention what’s on our mind and if he would please stop those things…. he just doesn’t listen. Though I am not going to bore you with the things that make me angry, instead I’ll most likely be boring you with all the things to look forward to this year.

This year so far (because it has only just started and things could change) has been filled with new determination. Though at work they have dropped me back down to casual and yeah that was kinda a little disappointing, it won’t stop me from applying for all the up coming jobs I know is coming up. I have started doing yoga each and every morning as well as meditating, I have been doing some spiritual healings- which has also helped me as well as the person I’m doing the healing for as it helps me tune into my spiritual being and my higher self and I have been taking care of myself by taking time for myself.

Last year I was kind of in hibernation where I didn’t want to hang out with any of my friends, this year I have been trying to plan things with them and just hang out. The key word there is TRY as sometimes my friends aren’t the most reliable with sticking to plans but I still try because I love them and I want to spend time with them.

Since I have mentioned the living arrangements, I should also mention that Ben and I were thinking of moving to QLD- not with dad- to get a fresh start. However, today brought some good news as Ben may have a chance of work, courtesy of a friend, so we may still end up living here but not in the same house.

This is a result of two reasons:

  1. The neighbor behind us has threatened to hurt my cat.
  2. We want to start a family but we can’t (more we don’t want to) while living with a room mate who is disrespectful to us.

Good news though, Ben and I have started talking about the wedding again. We have kinda decided just to have the ceremony and maybe do something small later with friends but having a reception just seems either too much money and an excuse to have a flashy celebration.

Until next time xx

Be Kind to Yourself journey

Whoa, it’s been a long time….
Over Easter, I attended a christening. It was so beautiful and it was the first time the Ben’s sister said I was her baby’s aunt. As you can imagine, I was over the moon.
On Good Friday, I went to the doctors because I have a lump in the middle of my chest. Turns out that it may be a hernia from exercising too much and too hard. I have to have an ultrasound this Friday to be sure it is a hernia and nothing too serious.
Today was a good day for me as I got a phone call from the preschool and they want me to go through to the next stage of recruitment, could have my dream job soon, I also went to see a weight loss lady today just too get extra help with my diet and my measurements (which I have been doing wrong).

The purpose of today’s blog however, was not to catch up on what’s been, or rather what hasn’t been,  happening in my life but to officially start my Self Love- Be Kind to Yourself journey. I’ve been inspired to do this for a while now because of my new getting healthy awareness and because I have been dreaming big and setting goals for myself for a super long time. I mean, for a long time I’ve set them but never reached them or for some reason or another didn’t have the confidence to even start them.
I do consider myself a spiritual person and I am heavily drawn to spiritual stuff i.e. tarot cards, pendulums etc. and in one of my previous blogs, I mention going to a Mind, Body and Soul expo where I got a wax reading done. To me it was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again. Anyway, while I was getting this amazing and accurate reading done, the guy mentioned that the Angels are telling me to believe in myself more, I should listen to myself way more and I should stop doubting myself. The guy recommended that I create a Vision board of what I desire, wish for and goals for myself so that I can tune into what the Angels are trying to tell me about loving, accepting and being kind to myself.

So I did, I created a Vision board. It doesn’t look like much as it is both my first and spontaneous Vision board but in saying that,  I have an idea of what I need to make a better one and what kinds of things I am actually wanting in life for the next Vision board I make.


Today I thought a about the love I have for myself and all the things I deny myself because of fear. Fear I won’t succeed. Fear of what others might say. Fear of not being good enough etc.
I remembered what one of my physics said to me once:
I realised that without knowing it, I’ve been holding myself back from the things that make me happy. The things I want to do but I feel like I’m not good enough. So I’ve decided do to take my Reinventing Myself idea and mix it in with my Self Love – Be Kind to Yourself journey. I took my white board and wrote down some routines I have and then I jotted down some words. These words are there to remind me every morning when I wake up that I am beautiful,  strong and unique. They will remind me of what I love out of life and the things I want out of life (ties in with my Vision board). On top of that I have written the F.E.A.R anodote and a quote that I am going to change every week. The quote I have started with today is “Change your thoughts and you change your world”. I thought that was a great quote by Norman Vincent Peale to start with for this week.


I am also keeping a Self Love book (as you can see) where I write down my personal goals for my health and success etc.

This will be an on going things as everyday I learn more about myself. I accept myself more. Most importantly, I learn to love myself more. By next year (or when I make more Vision boards etc.) I’ll have a better idea of how to do them better.

Until next time xx

Reinventing myself

On the 15th of February I went to a Mind, Body and Soul expo. It had a lot of workshops to do with tarot cards, dream recalling, aura photos and much more plus they had dental information centers and fitness senimars. It was such a great day of looking at the different crystal, books, dream catchers and participating in all the workshops. I also got a wax reading done, which to be totally honest,  have never seen them done before. However,  I am glad I got it done.


I won’t go into what the reading was about, but it did make me think a lot about a few things in my past and things I can do now to make life a little bit more fulfilling.
Anyway, since then I have had to have an ultrasound and blood tests done, I’ve been called up to have an interview with the head of TAFE to get answers about my Diploma and the most exciting of all, been asked to go to an information night for one of the child care centers I applied for and then from there a formal interview. It’s been both busy and exciting as this change comes about. I have to admit, I’ve been feeling as if I was stuck in a rut because no one was giving me answers about my Diploma, I was worried I wouldn’t get work as I don’t have my Diploma yet and well that’s it.
So today I thought, why not reinvent myself. I mean I’m already halfway doing it by getting my health in check and losing weight so why not continue to do stuff to better myself. I made a dream/ visionary board of what I want out of life. An example of what I want is to work in the career I am passionate about, child care. It was hard at first because honestly,  I haven’t asked myself what I wanted other then to work in child care. After I had done my dream/ visionary board, I got motivated to clean. Boy did I clean. I cleaned room (which I have decided to go through all of my clothes when I am happy with my weight), I did three loads of washing and cleaned the entire kitchen. Plus there is still more I want to clean and sort out tomorrow.
I figure, if I truely want to reinvent myself and get ready for the change that is coming my way, I need to have a fresh outlook on everything. If that means I have to get a little dirty by cleaning, so be it. I feel happy and motivated by my decision and honestly I am proud of myself for making this decision and sticking to it. It feels better then letting people drag me down and stamp out who I am. With this reinvention I have also decided to not limit myself of what I truely what to do just because no one wants to do it with me.
This is the day I show everyone (including myself) who I am and all my potential.

Until next time xx