Day one

Today is day one of me being strict as all hell on myself. I did my yoga, had water and cereal for breakfast and I thought I could do it. It was going great… then lunchtime hit. I got those cravings. I got that feeling that feels like you’re missing something in your stomach and yes I did continually ask Ben if we could go get some chocolate or pizza. It got hard real quick.

It took a nap for me to stop asking for it. I am really happy that Ben also said no to it, because now I now he is 100% supporting me in my decision to not have chocolate  or anything unhealthy. However, I am going to put it out there that on Friday is mine and Ben’s 3 year anniversary. There is a chance that I will most likely have some chocolate or something unhealthy. Though in saying that, it will not be as bad as I have been of late.

Tonight, I did the cooking. I made the Asian dish I like and I am planning to make chicken and pasta tomorrow night- well that’s if the chicken has defrosted by then. Right now, the cravings are still there but not as annoying as they were today. The end result is worth it so I have to stay strong.

Till next time xx


Better When You’re Dancing

So no Zumba tonight as both me and my friend worked late. Kind of sad because I was looking forward to it but I have decided to do some extra yoga on top of my morning and newly made bedtime routine.

Just for fun, I made up a dance. No idea why but I feel 10 times better when I’m dancing or having fun of any kind. I mean it sounds stupid to say when its the most common of common sense but for a long time I didn’t let lose and just dance. It feels good to say I have finally learnt to have fun like no one is watching.

Feeling the stretch already. This is my little break where I decided to post. I am only having 2 minute noodles tonight as Ben got injured today and doesn’t really feel like eating. He got bad stuff in his eyes so had to go to the doctor. The doctor had to scrap the stuff out and put some eye dropy thing in to see if his eye got scratched. Really not a pleasant day for him.

I won’t post about the menu tonight as everyone knows what noodles are. Plus they wouldn’t be classed as the most healthiest thing.

Until next time xx

Tonight’s menu

I’ve started a new thing, having a green tea in the mornings. Green tea helps burn fat so that should help a lot with my exercises. I have also started doing yoga at night as well as my morning routine. The idea behind that is that it will put me in a relaxing state of mind for sleep.

For my blog I am going to try do a ‘Tonight’s menu’ thing. This is more for me as it will help me see the healthy things I have for dinner and keep me on track- I have really bad days where all I want is a Big Mac. Though some of the healthy food I put up might inspire you for what to have on your menu.

Win- win I guess (hope). Ben cooked tonight. We had beef rissoles and potatoes which were absolutely fabulous. Cooked to perfection. Though I have to admit, I can’t eat meat with out tomato sauce. I mean I can but I don’t really enjoy so I prefer not to.


Paired with water and some lemonade- OK well I had mostly lemonade but when that ran out I had water- it was n amazing dinner. Happy feelings all around 🙂

Until next time xx


I’m so excited because next week my friend and I will be starting a mixture of dance. We will be doing Contemporary, Zumba and Burlesque. I’m really excited because I haven’t done Contemporary before and I am keen to do Burlesque again.

This on top of my already formed routine of Yoga/ Pilates in the morning will most defiantly help me to achieve my goal and to help me stay healthy. Ben and I would still like to get married this year so I would like to fit and feel comfortable in my wedding dress which is one of my biggest goals.

I have made a slight improvement already by my stomach looking and feeling smaller then it was before. This is motivating me to continue my workouts and helping me to get the mindset to stay and enjoy dancing.

I know this is small but I can’t contain my excitement and this new positive energy around me (which is highly welcomed and much needed, especially from last year). I hope to be posting some more exciting things in the coming weeks as well as any progress I have made on the health front.

Oh, on a side note- Crookshanks is like 99% in my name now. It’s been a long strain but I have finally found a way to get my dad’s ex’s name off the official documentation of Crookshanks.

Anyway, until next time xx